How to Stop Auto-Play Videos on Facebook

Turn Facebook Auto-play Videos Off

The last thing you want to see when scrolling through your Facebook timetable is a video you have no interest for begins to play. It makes the page slower to load, and in case you’re on a mobile phone it can eat up large amount of your data.

Luckily, we have found a way for you to easily turn the auto-play videos off –

Here’s how to proceed.

On the website

Facebook auto-play videos

Facebook auto-play videos

Head to Settings (drop down menu in upper right corner) > Videos (in the left column) > Auto-play Videos, and simply use the drop down box to turn them off.

Remember that the above described approach only turns them off when browsing on Facebook in a web program

In case you’re an app user there’s an alternate way to go.

On the app

Facebook auto-play Videos

Facebook auto-play Videos

When viewing Facebook on your mobile device you should be even more concerned about Facebook videos auto-play, as they’ll eat up your valuable data allowance.

Head to App Settings – found towards the bottom of the menu list – and after that click on “videos play automatically”.

From here you can choose ‘on’, ‘Wi-Fi only or “off.” We suggest that you select ‘off’, however, if you’re not worried about viewing the videos, but rather want to keep an eye on your data allowance, then ‘Wi-Fi only’ will be enough.




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