How to Start Making Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Many people go about their daily lives oblivious to the fact that they can make a good amount of money through web hosting affiliate programs. Those who do know about this fact, however, tend to doubt the profits they can make owing to the widely held misconception that getting commissions from web hosting affiliate programs is difficult and could easily lead to financial losses.

Contrary to this belief, web hosting affiliate is considered one of the most lucrative and high paying venture that one could easily get into. Recent years have witnessed the increased interest in website building and design, thus, the market for web hosting services exists and the only effort one requires to put in is that of attracting this market.

Server Hosting Guide: How to Pick the Right Web Host

There are many Web hosting companies on the internet that offer affiliate programs which one can join, but not all of them promise increased affiliate income and sales. Therefore, it is integral that one pick the right server host to secure success. It is good to keep in mind that most times, the process of joining web host affiliate programs does not require one to pay a fee.

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However, these companies require a monthly fee payment for the continued use of their services. There are several steps involved in the process of picking the right Web host. These are:

Figure out your hosting needs

Information one needs to include the type of website one wants to build, whether one needs Windows applications or a specific type of software, and how far the volume of web traffic can go.

Do your research

Find out which are the best and most affordable web hosting services available. The best place to begin this process is through Affiliate marketplaces such as CJ Affiliate programs by Conversant, to discover which web hosting affiliate programs offer the highest payout.

Server Up-time Record

The best Web hosting services offer a 24×7 operating web host service and operate on stable network connections and a powerful server. To obtain web host up-time information one can refer to the latest hosting up-time score reviews available online.

Multiple Add-on Domains

The best web hosting services should allow one to add a minimum of 25 add-on domains per account.

How to make money using Web hosting Affiliate Programs

Most hosting affiliate programs offer large commissions ranging from $50 to $200 to individuals who acquire new sales. It is worth noting that this commission can be based on the number of sales one delivers (commission per sale) or on a fixed commission, as different companies have different pay out policies.

When an affiliate has a corresponding information as well as articles regarding what the market’ possesses in terms of products and services, one can easily make a good commission each month.

As noted, there are many individuals who wish to build websites; therefore, they will require hosting. In order for one’s web hosting venture to be successful, it is vital that one attracts these people in order to convince them to purchase items through you.

The process of attracting people who require the service can be done through the utilization of good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices, promoting via social networks, and through the decent use of coupons.

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Top 4 Web hosting Affiliate Programs

Bluehost Affiliate Programs

Bluehost is well renowned to be the most reliable and finest web hosting service that bloggers can use. It is used by masses of bloggers all over the globe owing to the fact that its best features include reliable speed and security at the reasonable price of $3.95 monthly. Bloggers with the service earn up to $65 per referral. The only downside is that one has to wait 60 days to get paid after each successful sale.

Hostgator Affiliate Programs

This web hosting service offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting as well as other hosting plans to its clients. Users earn between $50 and $125 for each sale they make. The downside of this web hosting service is that affiliates must have earned a minimum of $100 to be eligible for payment. You can sign up for the hostgator affiliate programs through the Impactradius website and starting making money online.

Here at, I’ve created a coupon code NMBREADYto get 25% discount. If you are going to buy hosting from HostGator, use this coupon code. Promoting it on your blog or social networking sites is free. Spread the word to your friend and save huge.

Dreamhost Affiliate Programs

Rated among the top web hosting services, dreamhost offers users the ability to earn $97 per referral. Moreover, the service is constructed as a pyramid which further enables initial users who convinced others to join through them to earn an extra $5 for every referral that they make.

WP Engine Affiliate Programs

This service is the most widely used by professional bloggers owing to the fact that websites using the service load four times faster than most other web hosting services. Not only do users benefit from high speeds, but they also enjoy greater security and elegance that ensures ones WordPress unique and attractive. One can earn up to 100% of their initial month’s payment.

In addition, those with premium and business accounts can generate in excess of $249 worth in payouts. The downside of this service is that affiliate programs commissions can only be triggered after forty five (45) days.

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