How to Send Money Internationally Through RIA Money Transfer Agents

RIA Money Transfer, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. allows customers to send and receive money worldwide. RIA Transfer initiates transactions through a system of forwarding agents available in over 133 countries and service operated agent stores located throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and online.

RIA Transfer is not different from other international money transfer services available in Nigeria such as Western Union Money Transfer, MoneyGram, Walmart Money Transfer and many others. In order to send money internationally through RIA money transfer agents in Nigeria, follow the steps described below:

Go to your RIA Agent Location in your town or visit the nearest RIA Transfer office closest to where you live in Nigeria. Go with money to cover the amount you wish to transfer, in addition to a service charge, or the amount of money order you need and a fee.

Your request will be entered into the RIA money proprietary PC operating system and sent to an Order Processing Center. You will be given a receipt with a tracking number. Once the transfer has cleared, the request is sent to RIA Transfer Correspondent in the recipient’s country. The sender informs the receiver that the money is available and can be picked up after providing the required proof of Identification ID.

When would I know my recipient has received the money I sent?

Regardless of whether you have submitted your request to RIA Transfer online, you can at any time check the status of the transfer online. For the most part, recipients will get their money within 24 hours. Alternatively, contact your RIA Agent at the location you sent the money with the number on your receipt and your request will be tracked for you.

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What is the acceptable form of Identification card/ID to pick up the money?

As a proof of identification to pick up the RIA transfer money in Nigeria, the accepted form of ID is an international passport or driver’s license in any of the RIA transfer location/banks you’re picking up the money.

What amount would my RIA Transfer cost?

RIA’s money transfer rates are competitive. Visit the company’s official website page for more refined details of the fee here. In case you are sending the money through RIA’s agents in Nigeria, then the real service fees for your RIA transfer will show up after the sum total of money transfer information has been entered.

In what way can I insure myself?

Are you sending money to someone you don’t know or whose identify you can’t confirm? If that is the case, let the business representative at the location you’re sending the money know and they’ll stop your transfer immediately, or call the RIA Customer Service at 1-810-443-1399. If it can be confirmed that the payment to the recipient has not been made, RIA transfer agent will surely refund you back your money.

International Senders Only:

Payout at Euronet ATMs  

RIA Money Transfer now offers a quick, simple and reasonable method to receive money in foreign countries like Poland through ATM machines. Currently, this is available in countries like Poland, U.S, Spain, and so many others. Send money to your recipient in Poland and they can get it at any of Euronet’s 1900 ATM locations.

To pay out money transfers, the recipient don’t need to worry about an ATM card, they simply enter in an order ID and security code and there’s nothing more needed than seconds to get their Money. According to RIA transfer, more countries will be added to the ATM payout system soon.

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If you’re in the diaspora and need to send money to the recipient through the RIA Money Transfer branch in of these countries, the money transfer will be available 24 hours, every day, immediately after you send the money.

The RIA new money transfer services use the Euronet ATMs as a payout vehicle, ensures customers speed, low rate and security in all money transfer transitions, guaranteed by Euronet.

To learn more about RIA Money Transfer Payout at Euronet ATMs, reach out to RIA money transfer directly here.

How does RIA Money Transfer Payout at Euronet ATMs work?

To send RIA Money Transfer with Euronet ATM payout, sender performs the following steps:

  1. Visit your RIA Agency in your town or the RIA Money Transfer area in any of the countries mentioned above.
  2. Provide the required information to the RIA Agent in that location
  3. Sender’s information such as (Name, Surname, Phone Number, Address)
  4. Recipient information (Name, Surname, Phone Number, Address)
  5. Specify the amount of money you need to send
  6. Indicate payout type as Euronet’s ATM
  7. Get confirmation of the request, including six digit Order ID and exchange rate.
  8. Get a four-digit security code from RIA by means of SMS.
  9. Give the recipient Order ID, Amount and security code which is important to pay out the money at a Euronet ATM.
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How to get Money?

To pay out RIA Money Transfer at Euronet ATMs, recipient should follow the steps below:

  1. Get from sender six digit ORDER ID, AMOUNT and four digit SECURITY CODE which are important to pay out the money in an ATM.
  2. Complete the request in ATM taking after information showing up on the ATM screen:
  3. a) Press the bottom button on the right side of the ATM screen
  4. b) Select RIA Money Transfer Service
  5. c) Enter ORDER ID
  6. d) Enter AMOUNT
  7. e) Enter SECURITY CODE
  8. f) ATM pays out amount
  9. g) ATM prints out the confirmation of the RIA Money Transfer Service transaction.

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