How To Reset Gotv Decoder After Payment in Nigeria

GoTv has become a household name when you talk about Pay TV in Nigeria. Many Nigerians that are unable to afford the overpriced packages on DSTV will go with GoTV plans and prices.

GoTv price lists are affordable, even though it is owned by the same company that owns DSTV – MultiChoice Group. Several questions are answered on Gotv websites, but most users still ask how to upgrade to gotv max from other Gotv packages.

It is important to know that when you subscribed to any GOTv decoder; your decoder will be automatically activated. But, at times it will not take place that way due to the nature of the Gotv system and the decoder will fail to be activated automatically.

However, it does occur that sometimes you will receive an error like “Error E16” and “Error E30” when you have subscribed to Gotv packages or gotv promo. Once you see this type of error, it simply means you need to restart your GOTV decoder.

Errors like “Error E16” means that the device has been disconnected from its power; while “Error E 30”on other hand, means that your Gotv decoder has no signal or has been TURNED off for a while.

If you are problems in activating your GOTV decoder, don’t worry this article will describe the required information you would need to successfully activate your GOTV decoder if the system do not activate automatically.

 Ways to Activate Your GOTv

There are 3 ways everyone can easily activate their Gotv decoder. Below, you will find the gotv self-services

  • Online Activation
  • USSD Activation
  • Text message Activation Process

Online Activation Method

The three ways mentioned above are different ways of activating your GOTv in the convenience of your home with any of the electronic gadgets that are capable of accessing the internet.

Follow the steps below to successfully reset your GOTv decoder online;

  • Visit Eazy GOTV website
  • Log into your GOTV account with your account number and last name
  • Click on the dialogue box, that says “Clear your error”
  • Next, clear the E16 error
  • Then, Click on “Reset device now” tab’ and this will reset your GOTV decoder.

USSD Activation Using Phone

Just like you can activate your GOTv decoder online, you can also do the same by using your mobile phone without internet access. Yes, that is right!

Follow the steps below to successfully activate your GOTv decoder by using your phone

  • Dial *423# on your phone. Keep in mind that some carrier may charge a fee for the SMS.
  • A quick message will come up on your phone. It reads “Assistance from Customer Care”
  • Then, you can speak with the customer service representative. There may be a hold before you can talk with the Gotv customer care agent.

Text Message Activation

This is similar to the USSD activation option; here all you have to do is to send a text message to a specific four digits number described below

To activate your decoder via text message;

  • Send “reset Your GOTV account number” to the phone number, 4688 – That is all

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have your GOTV account number handy when making this request to avoid gotv sign in time out

If none of the above steps work for you, you can reach out to the GoTv customer care phone number 08039044688 to get the decoder reset.

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