How to Register For Safetoken and Get the OTP Code

Registering for a safetoken is really easy and even a cave man can do it. You need safe token to be able to make payments for online purchases or fund your online accounts. So, what is safetoken service introduced by interswitch in Nigeria? Safetoken is a system that generates a 6-8 digit One-Time-Password (OTP) each time a transaction is initiated through the Interswitch Web Payment Platform.

All that you should do is register with the nearest Quickteller enabled ATM following these steps below:

1. Input your ATM card and select the Quickteller option from the ATM menu screen

2. Select Pay Bills through the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen

3. Select Others for your bill payment menu option list

4. Enter 322222 as the Biller Code

5. Enter your phone Number as the Customer Reference Number and select Proceed

6. You’ll get a display showing the message,  do you like to make this payment, Amount Due: N1

7. DO NOT  edit the amount to be paid

8. Select Pay Amount Due

9. You could then receive a confirmation page indicating the registration was successful.

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