How to Plan a Vacation in USA From Nigeria

A vacation in the USA should be a fun and relaxing break from your ordinary life in Nigeria. On the other hand, an unsuccessfully holidays in the USA can turn out being an unusual headache for you, especially when it is a public holiday in USA.

Be prepared to make the most of your time off by planning your travel, accommodations, and activities in the USA early. Giving yourself a lot of time to plan can be a fun tactic to increase interest for your vacation. Before you plan your vacation in the USA, below are things you need to consider:

1. Picking a Destination

Make a list of the main 5 places you need to visit when you arrive in the USA. Places like New York, Washington DC are great places to include in your list. In case, you have other people traveling with you, let them do the same. This is also the time to search for cheap flights to USA – tickets are not cheap when it comes to the public holidays in USA

2. Choose why you need to travel

If you know why you need to leave home and take a vacation in USA, choosing a destination will be easy for you. That’s deciding if you will likely unwind and loosen up, have new adventures, visit popular cities or ancient sights, or even provide your kids with lifelong memories they will never forget and this should determine the kind of destination you should choose to visit when you arrive in USA.

3. Discuss with your fellow travelers/friends/families

Talk about the possible destinations that will be favorable for the majority. Rather than making this a task, make it a fun activity for all. Spend a couple of days or even weeks, invest some time and talk about every place you have chosen and why it would make a decent destination.

4. Consider everyone who will be going with you.

In case that you are going with kids, someone elderly, or handicapped person, you may need to consider the destination that would be available for the travelers to choose.

5. Research destination costs.

While you may set aside extra time after choosing a destination to find great deals on travel and lodging arrangement, doing a fast online research of rough estimate to travel to each destination may guide you and help with assistance narrowing your choices taking into account your financial budget. Remember costs to travel, accommodations, eat, and play while you are adding to your estimation.

6. Pick a destination.

Now you have done your research, it is time to choose a destination, everyone who is traveling will have to be on the same page – agree on the same destinations. If there is disagreement, find out how to compromise until everyone agrees. Consider taking a turn in choosing your vacation spots. In case you prefer to continue with your first choice this year, let another travel partners select the next year holiday destinations.

Find a way to make everyone happy. If everybody’s first decision for a destination is broadly different, find one that everyone might want, regardless of the possibility that it is not on the highest priority on their list. Choose a destination out of a hat.

If there is no agreement for it, let fate decide for you. Writing down the list of the destinations would be a good idea and place them in a jar. At that point have someone (among the travelers – unbiased person) pick a name out. That is the place you’ll go!

Regardless of your mode of travel, bear in that many airlines charge passengers per luggage and by weight, so packing important items and minimizing the number of bags will save you money. However, cut off the number of travel bags, most carriers charge extra for the heaviness of every bag and will charge excessive fees for overweight travel bags.

I hope this article will serve as a guide for you when you’re planning your holidays in the USA? Sharing is loving, share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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