How to Make Money Blogging Without Relying on Ads

Many beginner bloggers that ask how to make money online or have doubt they can make money blogging probably don’t think there are other ways to make money online other than Ad networks like Google AdSense or Chitka.

Displaying ads on your blog is certainly a simple way to generate income from it.  However, ads are not a guaranteed money-maker. For one reason, they can be dependent upon the actions of one’s blog’s readers. For the next reason, generating a significant amount of money through advertising in your blog most likely (possible but unlikely) unless your blog post gets a lot of traffic daily.

By diversifying your income-generating opportunities, you’ll have a very greater possibility of successfully monetizing your site.

Following are many non-advertising methods to generate income out of your blog. In this article, we will offer you some extra ideas that you can implement on the blog besides putting Google AdSense or some other ad network. Also, I recommend you read how to make money with web hosting affiliate programs and how to choose the right web hosting for your blog. These are wealthy creation ideas, and will possibly earn you money from blogging.

How to Make money without Advertisements

Sell Merchandise:

Many bloggers can be successful selling branded and non-branded merchandise on their blogs through CafePress. Even though that you may not believe that you could make money with Cafepress. Back in the days when I started my first blog, Cafepress used to be great source for extra income. Regardless, with Cafepress you can still make money online in your blog, mobile app, or through another web application.

Ask for Donations:

It does not hurt to ask readers to give donations to your blog. Many of them might just do it. You can include a donation button to your blog through PayPal.

Sell Your Guest Posting Services:

Most bloggers write guest posts for other blogs for free as a way to promote their own blogs. However, you can also offer your guest posting services for a small fee.

Write and Sell an Ebook:

Should your blog have loyal readers, then they must like what you come up with and what you have to say in your blog. Similarly, if you’ve established yourself as an expert in your blog’s topic, then there is a good chance people may wish to continue reading more of your writings outside of your blog. Leverage that position by writing an ebook and offering it on the market on your own blog.

Write a book:

If you’ve established yourself just as an expert in your blog’s topic and developed a strong following, you might want to write a book and try to get it published or self-publish.

Turn into a Professional Blogger:

Many blogs and blog networks look for talented and knowledgeable writers to author blogs, and a lot of that blogging effort is paying. You can sign up with professional bloggers like Neil Patel and Om Malik for blogging skills to boost your blogging income.

They started like you and grew to become professional bloggers. They’re famous bloggers and gained a good reputation within the blogosphere in their field. People don’t hesitate to pay them subscription fees to learn from their blog posts.

It is possible to integrate membership option on the blog, as well as on a limited monthly subscription charge, you can make money as a result. Though, you might have to create premium content which can easily sell or create your superiority in your field

Apply for a Freelance Writing Jobs:

Blogging can help you polish your writing skills since you’re an expert in the field, which can help you land other freelance writing jobs offline and online. Transitioning into article writing about blogging is not unusual and can be very lucrative.

Become a Public Speaker:

If you’ve successfully established yourself as an expert with your blog’s topic and generated a respectable amount of people to your blog post, you can offer your services as a presenter at events associated with your specialty.

Be a Consultant:

If you’ve established yourself just as an expert in your blog’s topic, you can offer consulting services along with other people or businesses that can use the help of your expertise. Alternatively, you may offer consulting services in connection with developing and writing a successful blog.

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