How to Keep Your Sex Life Hot After You Have a Baby

A lackluster sex life is one of the most common complaints among couples with kids.

Post-baby sex drive is attainable, and date nights could help you get there faster. Although, you will need sex education or read about relationship tips or health tips before you can get back on your feet after you have a baby.

Babies bring a lot into your life — but sadly, a naturally better sex life most likely is not one of them. You can still keep things hot, however, with a little bit of post-pregnancy work and this expert advice.

Book a weekly babysitter before your baby arrives.

“Get in the habit of having a date night that you maintain once the baby comes along,” suggests certified sex therapist Sari Cooper. “Having a special romantic time carved into your pre-baby schedule makes it easier to keep your sex life as part of your lifestyle after baby arrives.”

Make maintaining a date night even easier by asking a babysitter — or family member — to sign up for the same day each week for a period of time “so that looking for a sitter each week is no longer a burden to either of you,” she says.

Study up when it comes to sex.

“Try to add some new sexual activities in the repertoire by putting effort into reading, researching, discussing and enacting fun sexual pastimes so you both are invested in keeping your sex life growing,” Cooper says.

Sneak in a workout when you can.

“Having a regular exercise schedule can be crucial for both partners to stay fit, keep their energy levels up and maintain upbeat mood,” which ekes positively into your sex life, Cooper says. “Get started on healthy eating and fun exercise you can do together as a way of bonding over keeping fit, and get back to it as soon as you can once the baby arrives.”


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