How To Get Started With Article Writing On iWriter And Earn Money

Iwriter is one of the most renowned online article writing platforms that connects writers and clients who need articles on various topics. Anyone can register and start making money on this platform but it is certainly not one of the easiest things to do. While the platform features a very simple interface where you can easily start on your own and make a living out of it, there is a need for guidance in order for you to start right and go on a rising trend. This article serves as a complete guide, sensitizing you on how to get started with article writing on iwriter and earn money.

Getting started on iwriter 

The first step is to get over to iwriter and create an account. It is one of the easiest steps to undertake because all you need is an email address. Unlike other websites, you will not be required to write and submit test articles before you are accepted as a writer. Don’t let such a feeling make you think less of the platform. It is a liberal platform where you will earn according to your passion, commitment and quality of writing.
Having created your account, there are a few things that you ought to note concerning iwriter:

Iwriter Ranking System

They have a ranking system which includes standard, premium, elite and elite plus levels. At entry level, you will be ranked as a standard writer until you get 25 reviews and a rating of 4.1 before you can be promoted to be a premium writer. The more articles you write the higher in level you will go depending on the rating that you will be getting. There is no bidding on iwriter. All the available articles will be listed for you to select and write.

After writing and submitting an article, it takes a maximum of 72 hours for the article to be reviewed, after which the requester will approve, reject or request for a revision.

Understanding the iwriter Dashboard 

This is the only point at which you may be confused if you are getting to iwriter for the first time. At the top of your dashboard, you will see your rank and rating. Here, you are given one star to indicate that you are a standard writer. Things are bound to change as you write and get different ratings.
Your earnings will as well be displayed at the top, indicating the amount that you would have earned each time.

Below that you will see a lot more buttons which allow you to edit your payment information, make money by writing articles and even further down you will see the list of prolific writers.
Take time to familiarize with all these links since they will be of help to you.

Picking Projects on iwriter

For a start, you will be limited to standard level articles only. At this point, you must be smart in picking articles in order for you to get to the next level fast. As a rule of the thumb, give preference to requesters who have a higher approval rate. 60% and above is a good starting point for you.

In order to hit the 30-reviews target on the other hand, it is essential that you start with small articles of about 150 words. Do not aim at making too much at this point. Instead, labor to build your account and pay your bills later.

After all, an article worth 1000 words could give you the same rating as one with 150 words, a reason why you ought to start small.
Begin by picking articles on subjects that you are passionate about. These are subjects on which you can write without pressure or struggle for words.

Do your best in terms of grammar and content, following every bit of instructions and structuring your final article in such a way that it will suit the needs of the requester

Writing your Articles. 

Having identified an article that you think you can handle, read the special instructions and determine whether you can comply with the requester’s requirements. Besides content, following instructions will determine whether your articles get approved or not.

Fully convinced that you can write, click on the write article button and the clock will start ticking. You will be given 3 hours to complete a 500-word article for instance. This is all the time you have to plan yourself and complete the article. It will take care of research, planning, writing, reviewing and submitting.
As you write, it is important to start with the title and your strongest points to make the article relevant. Use all the resources at your disposal but ensure at all times that the work is original since iwriter does not accept plagiarism.

Any plagiarized content will be rejected by a software inclusion called copyscape and you will definitely be charged. Arrange your content in the manner depicted by the requester and ensure you write relevant content and not just fluff to fill the number of words.

Editing Your Content

Having developed the introduction, body and conclusion of your article, editing is very essential. This is where every aspect of your grammar comes in. Ensure you write in proper grammar, eliminate all redundant text and edit it properly.

Having done all the above, your article will be ready for submission.
Once you have completed and submitted one article, do not wait for it to be approved before you write another. Just keep writing and pile up the articles pending review.

Before submitting each article, it is important to contact the requester and ask him or her to request for revisions if need be. This way, they may be persuaded to request for a revision rather than rejecting your article at once.
For you to make a living out of iwriter, however, accept to be a nocturnal as most of the articles are available at night.

The bottom line

Making money on this platform is not such a difficult thing but it demands commitment and passion. Take your time to learn how the site works and you will surely gain momentum as you write more and more articles. If you please a few requesters with your writing, you might frequently get special requests which not only pay more but earn you a good rating as well.




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