How To Get a Job in Total Nigeria With No Experience

Are you a recent graduate or among those that studied programs like Geology and Geophysics at University, and looking to land a job in Total Nigeria? That is a great move and a start to find your dream job in Nigeria.

Now all you need to do is simply search for the Total Nigeria recent jobs where you’re qualified for and wait until you hear back from the company. But, what happens in a situation that you don’t have experience from any of the oil companies in Nigeria?

There are a lot of good men and women out there who have the work ethics, but they can’t find jobs in Nigeria or oil companies who will hire them. “But I thought the oil companies was practically begging to have people work for them.” This is hardly the reality for some job opportunities in Nigeria.

While there are many entry level positions available in Total Oil Nigeria website, for example, well drillers and field experts. There are also a few numbers of slew jobs, such as engineers, architects chemists, and other services that should be filled as well. The oilfields do create the latest jobs in Nigeria, but a large number of them does require some kind of experience or professional degree to get. So where does that leave you in the search for Nigeria jobs?

Basic Qualifications

Before you go ahead to apply for any opening at Total Nigeria with the expectation of a big salary, you need to understand what the basic qualifications are for entry level positions. There aren’t any magic, but you should be at least taken into consideration.

  • You should be in good shape and can lift not less than 50lbs items throughout your daily work schedule. If you have serious health problems, you’ll need to change your plan of working in Total Nigeria.
  • You are at least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license
  • You are willing to work long hours in a given period of time. It is not uncommon for entry-level employees to work 12-14 hours for 7 days a week. This way of life isn’t for the weak.
  • You are medically fit to operate the machinery used in the oil companies.
  • You have all the essential protective gears such as boots, gloves, glasses and anything else you need for your environment
  • You are willing to move to the job’s location. In all likelihood, you don’t live in the area where total Nigeria will need you. You must be OK with leaving your current living environment for a long period of time -usually three weeks to a month
  • Be ready for an unstable job. Many entry level employments fluctuate. You may have months of steady work followed by a month of being unemployed. Be prepared for the need to move to new profession at short notice

So if you have absolutely zero experience  but have extra cash to throw around, consider putting money into oilfield specific training.  There are schools that offer oilfield training which can help boost your resume to the highest point of the heap.

While you don’t need to live in the area where you will be working, it is necessary to understand where the companies you need to apply for are currently operating. You have to do some research online and find out where the work is and after that try and reach out to them. You can do this by going to job fairs, networking events and any training classes that may be offered in these areas.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like taking care of the expenses to go to school, think about joining the seismic exploration group. There are many jobs in the seismic field industry because each team is quite large, comprising of 20-45 people.

Most will hire candidates with little or no experience to work in the oilfield. The starting salary will not be the greatest, but it can serve as a good starting point. After you might have stayed with the seismic team, you should have enough experience to get higher positions in the oilfield industry.

The majority of new graduates and job seekers commit the mistakes of trying to apply to large oil companies, such as Chevron Nigeria by submitting their resumes online. The issue is that a large number of these companies actually give their work to private contractors.

So instead of applying to large oil companies, try applying to smaller contractors so that your chances of securing the hot Nigerian jobs are open. You may need to do a little research online to find out where they are in a particular area. Visit the general employment sites to check whether there are any oil field openings.

Similarly, consider submitting your resume to online job boards where the contractors may be able to search for you. Keep in mind that you could get turned down a number of times, but don’t get discouraged. Keep your head up and keep on sending out your resumes.

My recommendation to new graduates without any experience in Oilfield industries would be to go into entry- level positions/volunteer jobs and at a later date you will have the opportunity to transfer out as an expert over a wide range of big companies.

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