How to Get a Job At the Big 4 Accounting Firms: PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, or Ernst & Young

For those who are trying to find a balanced profession in which they will have a lot of room for advancement, earning a CPA could be an excellent choice. While there are many public accounting firms to dedicate yourself, four of the best continue to be PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, and Ernst and Young.

These firms usually are the hardest to land a job with. While it can be hard landing a job at those four firms, a few recommendations could possibly be considered that may help you with getting a job at any of those top four firms.

Get a CPA

With a specific goal to land a job at one of those top four public accounting firms, everyone that works with these companies can be expected to get their CPA. While many people don’t actually need it directly after graduation, folks with a CPA will have a much easier time finding a job.

To qualify to sit for that CPA, you ought to have finished the equivalency a minimum of 5yrs of undergraduate or graduate coursework and still have completed the equivalency at least two of those years in accounting classes. Once you have finished college, you need to anticipate spending more time, at least one year getting yourself ready for the CPA while working in an accounting job and studying for the test around evening time.

Get a Master’s Degree

The other tip to know and to help increase your odds of landing a job at one of these large four accounting firms mentioned before is to acquire a graduate degree. At some point, when getting your degree and eventually work as a CPA, you will need to consider the equivalency of five years of college. In this fifth year, you’ve got the opportunity of earning a second undergraduate major or earning a master’s degree in accounting.

If you wish to land a job working at one of these big four accounting firms, it might be nice to pursue a master in accounting degree. Not only would this expand your accounting experience, it will help to give you some additional information which will be essential when using your CPA.


Actually, if you need to get yourself a full-time job employed by one of those big four accounting firms, it would be best if you get an internship job working along with the company first. The good about the accounting firms are that they recruit interns to help through the busy tax season.

This is a great approach of getting your foot in the door within the firms; also gain some experience, which will help you choose if the career in accounting is ideal for you. Thou, many people that have completed their internship position successfully will likely be offered a job after they complete their education.


To conclude, PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, and Ernst and Young are the top four public accounting firms. While those companies generally have harder hiring practices, you can find tips anyone might take over to increase their opportunity of landing a job at one of these top 4 firms.

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