How to Get a Google Adsense Account Approval For Your Blog or Website

Google Adsense is a basic and free method to making money online. If you’ve made a site or blog and need to earn money with it, you can apply for a Google Adsense account. Google Adsense permits site partners of different sizes and experience to earn money through targeted Google ads, which will show up on your site. They don’t approve everybody. Below you’ll find key things you can do to improve your chances of acceptance.

Applying for Google Adsense

Create a Google account. In case, you already have a Gmail account, then you should include yourself that you already have a Google account. If you don’t, you can create an account for free. A Google account allows you to make use of the prominent part of Google’s service for free, including Google Adsense. You can do this through Google. You will use your Google account to sign into Google Adsense after you have an account.

Have your site or blog for some time before applying.

Google will look more confident with your site if you’ve maintained it for at least six months before you try to get Google Adsense. It’s difficult to get an approval for a website that you’ve owned for a short period of time, though, it increases your chances if you’ve owned the site longer. However, if you live in a few countries, like China or India, you may be required to meet the six-month duration of ownership.

Own a site that contains unique contents.

You must have access to alter HTML source code of the website pages you’re looking for the advertisement for. You won’t have the ability to use Google Adsense if proposing an account you don’t own and also you don’t have access to that function.

If you don’t have an online blog or site that allows you to alter the HTML source code, you could set up a new website through the Google service, Blogger. You will have the potential to show Google ads without copying or pasting HTML code on this site. It’s quick and allowed to agree to a Blogger account.

You don’t need to bother with a blogger platform if you have a site or other online blog that allows you to alter HTML source code. Once you’ve made a website on Blogger, you should enable Adsense on your blog. To use Google Adsense for YouTube, apply for the YouTube Partner Program or check the guidelines provided on YouTube for applying to Adsense.

Sign up for Google Adsense.

To begin with, go to You will be asked what type of advertiser you are. You can submit an application to Google Adsense online. Select the kind of promoter that represents you best, for example, new, experienced, and so forth.

Click on “get started.” to move forward. You can use Google Adsense even if your site already shows Google ads. Keep in mind that, publishers can only have one account under each name.

You will be asked to pick the ad types and format that you want on your site. If you pick more options, you will have more chances to make money. Ad types that are available include display ads, text-only ads or ads that are a mixture.

Provide key information to Google Adsense.

You must give your phone number and the postal address of your bank. This is required for you to get paid. You will be asked to give a full address of your bank details, including the zip code if any. You will be asked that you provide your site URL and to pick the language you need the ads in.

Customizing your ads

You can change how your ads look and how they feel, and you can also pick where you need them to appear on your site. You can use automatic targeting to ensure that the ads which show up relate to the visitors of your site.

Follow the guidelines or rules provided by Google

If you need approval, you must follow the Google Adsense rules. Google Adsense only allows individuals who at least 18 years or more to have a Google Adsense account. In case, you are less than 18 years old, a guardian or parents can submit an application through their own specific Google account.

If your Google Adsense is confirmed and approved, the payments will go to the guardian’s account. The Google Adsense new system will flag any website that is found to be negative, non-family safe or could be viewed as hostile. Cases of prohibited content include hacking, drugs, liquor, copyrighted materials, weapons, and content allowing an illicit action.

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