How to Enable HTTPS on Blogger / Blogspot Blog

Google now permits HTTPS feature on its BlogSpot domains. Anyone who hosts their sites on, now ready to turn on HTTPS at their website for free. Starting now this feature is available from BlogSpot domain blog only. Before we discuss further on what’s all about HTTPS on blogger portal, let’s know what HTTPS is first:

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS, can be as Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, as the name shows, this internal protocol is used to protect a user information between one website and the user. The information sent by HTTPS protocol is protected through the means of Transport Layer Security internet protocol which is called TLS. TLS protocol gives three layer security which includes Encryption, Data Integrity, and Authentication. The users’ information entered on your site is encrypted and the information is secured between the site and user’s PC.

Why to enable HTTPS on my site?

As I said above, HTTPS is an approach to secure users’ information. In an easy interpretation, HTTPS is used to make the web more secure. It checks whether your visitors are taken to the right site, rather than diverting to any malicious site.

In the event that you are running a site in which a visitor enters his/her own information on the site or while buying an item, it is important to protect the user’s information between the site and customer’s computer. There are many online devices available to grab the users’ information. A year ago on Google IO 2014, the giant search engine indicated that “HTTPS will be one of the ranking factors where they’ll give your site a top need for security.

Blogger is being one of the largest blogging platform, where a large number of web bloggers host their websites and a huge number of sites popping up each day. Blogger is Google owned blogging free platform and anyone can start a blog in ten minutes. Presently, they have included HTTPS feature for its websites. So you can now include HTTPS on your BlogSpot websites for free. For the time being this feature is accessible for the sites having BlogSpot domain names only.

If you try using a custom domain on BlogSpot, this feature will be turned off and you will not be allowed to use it.

Step by step instructions to Enable HTTPS on my BlogSpot website:

  1. Sign into Blogger
  2. Scroll to your blog “Settings Page”
  3. Under the “Basic” Settings, you can see “HTTPS Settings”
  4. From the “HTTPS Availability” drop down and pick “Yes” to turn on the feature.



After that, your site will be enabled with https prefix, which shows your site is secured. What are you waiting for, head to and enable https immediately if you have a website there.

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