How to Download and Watch IrokoTV Movies Free Online

It’s a normal practice today for the Nigerians to watch iRoKoTV Nollywood movies for free. There are a lot of video hosting websites today that can offer you free streaming services and, thus allowing you to watch any iROKOtv movies online. I know many have been asking about sites to watch movies online for free in Nigeria, but in this article I will be writing about how to download and watch IrokoTV movies free online.

Nigerian movie industry has exploded into the third biggest film industry in the world and IrokoTV is number one when you talk about Nigerian Movies. There are so many Nigerian movies on the market today, imagine having unlimited access to all these movies online and you can watch any movie that you pick free online using iROKO tv app.

Lots of Nigerians both within and outside Nigeria browse the internet every day for where they can watch Nigerian or Ghanaian online movies online. I believe you’re one of those searching for iROKOtv Yoruba movies, iROKOtv free movies, or among those sleeping on YouTube browsing for iROKOtv Nigerian Movies? Do not look further, let’s get started without wasting any time further on how you can download the iROKOtv Movies online for free.

Sites to Watch iROKOtv Nigerian Movies Online:

You’ll find a large number of sites to watch iROKOtv Nigerian movies online, but the best remains the two sites below:

IrokoTv: At IrokoTv movies are categorized either in Movies or Actors. So you can simply hover your mouse within the Movies or Actors tab and pick the movies you would like to watch, or you can easily choose by actors. Simply choosing “All movies” on the site under the movies tab will display all of the movies hosted on iROKOtv website so that you can select from.

iRoko TV Search

YouTube: Another great website to watch iROKOtv Nigerian movies is YouTube. Nigerian movies are hosted on this website. To locate Nigerian movies on the internet, simply type Nigerian movies in the search area and hit enter on your computer keyboard or simply click on the search button. From the search results, iROKOtv Nigerian movies will be listed for you to choose from and you can watch on your computer, tablet or smart phones on the go.

YouTube Movies

To start watching Nigerian movies either on IrokoTv or YouTube, simply go through the movies you want to watch and hit play for it to start streaming. To download any movie from any of the above listed sites you’ll need Flash Player software and have it downloaded in your laptop or computer. Click here to learn the 10 best sites to watch movies online for free in Nigeria without interruptions.

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