How to Delete All Emails on An iPhone or iPad in One Step

What’s the best way for me to permanently delete all emails on an iPhone or Ipad? I’m running iOS 8. 

Do you have an Apple, Mac or iOS tech question? We have the answer. This time we have reader’s question that sounds simple: how would you delete all emails on an iPhone or Ipad running iOS 8? It’s trickier than you may might suspect, but we’ll demonstrate to you how it can be done.

Deleting all of your emails from an iOS device is surprisingly complex, however, it should be possible and can be done. In the event that you have more than one email account on your device, you have to begin by opening the Mail application, then hitting the edit button. Scroll down the lists that shows up; near the button you’ll find an option called “All Trash”.

Check this option so that an All Trash mailbox drop shows up on your main mailbox page.

Next, select All Mailboxes (or, if you have only one mailbox on your device, go to the inbox). Press Edit, then press the circle to left side of one of your emails to check.

Now comes the tricky part: press and hold the Move button at the bottom of the screen with one finger, then, with another finger, uncheck the email you previously checked. Erase all Mail

When you release your finger from the Move button, all of your email should to be selected to be moved to a new location. (This could take a while in case you have a lot of messages; similarly, in case you’re having difficulty selecting all of your messages at once, try and make all of them as read or unread a few times.) Choose to move it all to the Trash.

Go to the All Trash folder(s) that you set up earlier (or your Trash folder if you have one account). Choose Edit, then Delete All.

Actually, deleting all your emails could take some time, depending on your email setup and the amount of mails you have, so you may need to wait a while before performing any other task in Mail.

Going through these steps should help you to delete all the mail from your inbox, though if you need to clean out different folders as well, (for example, your sent mail), you’ll have to repeat the process described above.

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