How to Call Nigeria For Free From Any Country

If you are around the world far from home Nigeria, you will definitely feel lonely and thus have the need to have constant exposure to family, friends, colleagues and relatives back in your own home. Sometimes, calling Nigeria from US is hard and you may forget the Nigeria code when you’re searching for cheap call to Nigeria on the internet.

You will surprise to find out that calling cards are not cheap either, and  free internet call to Nigeria are not easy to come around.

In addition, maintaining constant contact could be an extremely costly situation. One could say that it is because international call rates from most mobile network providers are quite high. Luckily, together with the current technological advancement, that has been the reverse. In this article, I will reveal to you ways you can call Nigeria for free from any part of the world.

It is now easy to call Nigeria free from any country. I understand this may sound implausible for many people, but that’s true. There are several ways to make international calls from around the globe to Nigeria and to a different place you would like to call for free.

Many of these ways will ask you to provide an internet-enabled device such as Smartphone, iPhone, laptop or computer and others. If you wish to have the information, then here are several options regarding how to call Nigeria for free from any part of the world.

You can choose based on the features that may work best for you and your cellular phones. To help make free calls to Nigeria in any country using your mobile, your phone needs to support certain applications.

There’s another method that enables you to make free calls by routing your calls through a number of services that are able to bypass your network or carrier. Although, this may not be totally free as most of these calls make use of a data plan to connect your call.

The implication is always that such calls will attract minute charges as happens to local calls. A fantastic alternative that costs nothing is to make use of your cellphone apps that enable voice calling. All you need to do is to find out if your cell phone is compatible with the app then get it installed.

That means that the individual you want to call must also have a phone that can run the same app. A good example, is an app generally known as Rebtel can be installed on iPhones, android phones as well as windows phone among other internet-enabled phones.

You can make international calls free if the person you are calling is also a Rebtel user. If you are a Rebtel user as well as the person you’re calling do not have the app installed, your first call maybe be free, then you will need to pay throughout the rest of the calls.

However, you also have a number of services exist which can allow you to call Nigeria free from around the world through your laptop. These types of services have limitations in terms of the duration of time you can have to speak to your family.

Still, it is better today calling in this way than spending a lot of money. 5 to 10 minutes is usually sufficient to find out how someone is doing, mainly if you are normally in constant or regular contact with the person.

Another great service is phone2phone, that allows its users to make free calls to any number for ten mins the first time and then any other calls on the same number is limited to minutes.

To make use of this opportunity, you must first dial an access number near your local area and then dial the number of the person you’re desiring to call. The only negative thing about this service is that you may have to handle the constant advertisements during the call.

Skype is another smart way to call Nigeria free of charge from any place in the world.

Skype will help you to make free unlimited international calls from PC to PC.

First, you need to have a PC with high-speed internet connections. The person you need to call also needs to go through the same process, and have the app installed to the computer too. The only limitation of Skype is that it allows you to call from PC to PC free, without calling to mobile phones or landlines free.

In my opinion, a better option that seems to supply more flexibility is Rebtel. With this app, you can create a local number in your local by entering the Nigeria phone number and you save your contacts in Nigeria inside your contact list. Their phone number will show an icon up against the contact of one other Rebtel user.

And you can make unlimited calls on the PC and mobiles absolutely at no cost. To get the most from this, you don’t have to stop your car while driving to buy a phone card, punch in your PIN number. You are good as calling your local number in your Nigeria to get connected with the person you’re calling in Nigeria.

To get started, let your friends and family know about Rebtel and have them install Rebtel app on their mobile device so that you can call free from any part of the world.

I know we may be missing some of the apps that enable you to call Nigeria for free from any part of the world, but let us know by leaving your comment below.


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