How to Advertise a Business For Free in Nigeria

Free advertising in Nigeria is possible if it is done right through internet advertising. Advertising for free on the internet makes it possible for many bloggers to post free ads. Free advertising techniques are available to entrepreneurs who are on a tight budget or do not have money to spend for online advertising. While you will find expensive Internet advertising methods possible to reach a huge audience, many free techniques can spread your advertising messages over a wide audience or straight to a targeted niche. Below, you will find six steps you can advertise a business for free in Nigeria.

First, optimize your website to be friendly with search engine optimization (SEO) to help your website rank higher online search engine results. Place high-traffic, highly relevant keywords and key phrases in strategic locations throughout your website, including in meta tags, titles and link text. A comprehensive niche research tool from Google keyword planner will assist you to find popular keyword phrases to use when writing  about your business.

2. Contact other business  owners for banner swaps and link exchanges. You may be surprised how many of bloggers are willing to do this, even those among your competitors. Top earning blogs or bloggers like Mashable and other clients will probably be prepared to post one of the links or advertising on their own site so they could earn the same on yours. Trade links and online advertisements with several types of businesses in your industry as well, to increase and improve free exposure of your business or blog.

3. Send your business’s information to free online directories. Webmasters often set-up free websites filled up with related links, then generate revenue from advertising tools for example Google’s AdWords. These webmasters must be more than pleased to list out your website online for free. A good example are Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, these websites are among the most visited social media websites and you can post your blog article URLs for free.

4. Pay special attention to your followers on twitter and number of likes received on Facebook to take advantage of people’s comments or reviews. Word-of-mouth advertising goes to a higher level online. Websites like and are free classified sites, that allow users to post reviews of businesses that may be read by 1000s of potential new website owners. Scoring an increased amount of positive reviews can allow you to leverage these resources to increase understanding and preference for your website.

5. Post links to websites on relevant discussion forums. If you run a  blog on how to blog, for instance, consider posting a relevant discussion on current topics on various personal blogs, forums, and include one or two links to your website using your posts. Avoid the 80/20 rule in message board promotion to avoid spamming. Keep in mind that about 80% of the items you post should be informative and relevant, and the other  20% could be self-advertising to post ads for free. Anything more than 20% free advertisement online can diminish your credibility.

6. Submit informative articles to online publications, and keep an informative blog. This technique follows the same approach as posting on message boards. Provide timely, informative and relevant information at no cost towards the public while exposing readers to advertising and promotional messages.



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