Google is Shutting Down Google+ Photos Starting August 1st

Google recently announced today, that the company will shut down Google+ Photos to clear a path for its new standalone Google Photos app that went live only a few months ago in late May.

Google will start closing down the older photos service starting August 1, first on Android, with the web and iOS options following after that.

The new standalone Google Photos app, excluding Google+ Photos, won’t require you to be signed up to the Google+ social network, meaning that all users on Android, web and iOS will have the ability to use the app.

Google Photos is also a powerful tool than its Google+ counterparts, giving users unlimited storage of 16MP photos and 1080p videos for free, editing options and the capacity to share photos or video by means of links instead of through emails.

You’ll also get “automatic synchronizing to Google Drive, a new feature available for automatic grouping of photos by people, places and things”.

The Most Effective Method to Get Google Photos

In case you’re switching from Google+ Photos to Google Photos, you’ll find all your photos, videos and albums already saved on the standalone apps.

Google Photos is available on iOS and Android, and you can equally get to it by the means of the web through your Google log in.

“You may have seen an early shift in Google+ Photos on Android with a link to download the new Google Photos,” the search giant wrote in a Goolge+ post.

Google also said that if you don’t update to the new Google Photos app, “your photos and videos will still remain securely stored and available through Google photos or for export using Google Takeout.” Good know.

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