How To Get Work Abroad Without Experience And No Placement Fee in Nigeria

There are a lot of jobs in abroad with no experience, and many Nigerians wish they can get their hands with the jobs. The country is getting harder and many graduates are roaming in the street without any job.

Work abroad without experience and no placement fee is a great way to start if you’re among those seeking jobs abroad without experience.

However, there are many agencies who can offer work overseas no experience job, but the well-known agency is POEA jobs abroad without experience. Most of the agencies are POEA licensed Philippine recruitment agencies. Candidate must possess at least a Vocational Diploma or Short Course Certificate, any field. No work experience required.

But, the question is how can you get a work abroad without experience and no placement fee in Nigeria?

Instead of going through agencies that will charge a placement fee and you will be paying back while working, I would recommend doing a volunteer work abroad.

Although, a volunteer work abroad does not provide you with monetary compensation for your time spent working. But, the time you spend in volunteering abroad can improve the community’s life and the world at large.

The unselfish work which you do has innumerable benefits – either way you or others can benefit from it. Even though you may not get a fat cheque to the effort that you spend on the volunteer work aboard, there are lots of indirect benefits volunteering for work abroad.

Below are a few advantages of doing volunteer work abroad

  • Support for the Cause

In everyday life you have situations that call for your help. The passion to help others may be fulfilled by volunteering for work abroad. Committing your efforts to the cause that you care about will give you immense satisfaction.

  • Improving Your Skills and Gain Experience

There are 2 things that are important in each and every individual’s life:

a) Change and improvement in one’s skill

b) Sharing the skills you have, experience and knowledge with people around you.

So, once you do volunteer work abroad, you will receive a chance to do both. Everyone that you connect with when you volunteer for work abroad has some skill to impart.

You get to learn increasingly more things about the issue that you support. You will get a chance to practice the new skills that you have learned while volunteering.

Also, you get the opportunity to offer the knowledge you have acquired to other people. The satisfaction of sharing what you know with co-volunteers and other foreigners with you can be rewarding – It can land you a regular job with the company or a full time employee during the volunteer work.

In addition,

  • You Make New Friends

You can make many new friends at any time you do volunteer work abroad. The volunteers and employees of non-profit organizations like World Bank are often seen as the kindest people you’ll be happy to meet. These people are always ready to help you grow skills in a work abroad jobs, it doesn’t matter what the problem is.

They are unselfish and live in the hardest conditions to make the world a greater place. Those are the best people you will come across, so make sure you value your friendship with them.

You also get the opportunity to meet foreigners from diverse backgrounds that you may never get a way to meet in your life. You learn from each other and you can acquire more skills in different fields.

Now, are you feeling good about helping others?

I would suggest you give it a shot – volunteer for work abroad is a great opportunity to travel abroad. When you have helped someone, you will feel good to assist others without expecting anything in return – unlike Nigeria.

You will get exactly the same feeling when you volunteer abroad for any cause that you love. You are going to be happy when you help others in need. With time, you may realize that you’re addicted to helping others and you would like to devote all the time you have helping others – This is your chance of getting papers abroad and securing a full time job.

In conclusion, what are you waiting for and wasting your money at the American embassy trying to get a visa to travel abroad?  Make a difference and build confidence in yourself. These experiences will help you to deal with difficult situations in everyday life, and you can stop searching work abroad no placement fee factory work.

So, volunteer for a cause that you believe that help to improve yourself – and the world.

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