Get Ready For A New Apple TV In September

An insider source familiar with Apple HQ claims that the next emphasis of Apple TV will be released alongside the next generation of iPhones in September of this year 2015.

The source told Buzzfeed News that we can expect a revived shape and much improved A8 processor, all controlled by Apple’s rumored redesigned, touch-sensitive remote that was unveiled in a patent a week ago.

The product, which we’ve caringly code-named Apple TV 2, will arrive with increased memory and a more open operating system that will support both Siri and third party apps from the Apple App Store.

Keeping in mind this logically makes sense since we’re going on three years since an important update to Apple’s Amazon Fire TV competitor, it feels a little natural to us.

We’ve been down this road before. Some insider source “swears that the next Apple TV will be officially announced at the next big Apple event – usually WWDC or Apple’s annual autumn product unveiling” – and here we are, without a second thought.

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It happened before WWDC 2015, when a source told Buzzfeed News that Apple TV was coming in time for Apple’s new over-the-top streaming service, and it may be happening again today.

What’s an Apple entertainment enthusiast to think? Apple TV 2 is certainly underway, but exactly how soon we’ll have it on our shelves stays to be seen.

While launching new Apple TV hardware apart from another subscription TV services may appear to be strange, it does make sense if Apple doesn’t yet have the deals set up to field such a service.

Without doubt, Apple doesn’t need to unveil the two things together. By rolling out the new Apple TV and SDK ahead of the service, Apple is giving developers some lead time to create substantial apps for the device — and taking advantage of a Christmas shopping season that will probably drive deals that will “likely drive sales, further growing the Apple TV installed base to which it will someday sell streaming service subscriptions”.

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Similarly, Financial Times  also reported that Samsung and Apple are both in chats with the GSMA, the mobile telecom industry association, to start using electronic SIM cards in their cell phones. In case you missed that article, read that from the below link



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