How To Get Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria For Free

Payoneer is an online financial services business that provides an online money transfer from any company around the world, to your local bank-account and they also participate in e-commerce service payments. The best part of the service is, Payoneer is free of charge, they have free services that are too good to let go.

Services Offered by Payoneer

  • Free Account Creation
  • You will receive a free U.S Bank-account with routing number
  • Apply for Debit MasterCard from Payoneer at no cost and it works in any of the local ATMs in Nigeria
  • You receive a free $25 referral bonus, if you can refer a colleague and many other great services from Payoneer

Using Payoneer Master Card, you’ll be able to withdraw your funds from anywhere in the world through MasterCard supported ATMs.

Payoneer is the best choice to withdraw money from PayPal in the unsupported countries like Pakistan, Egypt, Jersey, Korea North, Lebanon, and Iran, including Nigeria which PayPal full features are limited.

BUT, since October 2015, Payoneer does not transfer money to any of the local bank accounts in Nigeria, including the domiciliary accounts. An alternative method to receive money from PayPal is through Skrill and I have written an article on how to achieve this. Click on Payoneer debit MasterCard to find out more about the update.

However, many people from the unsupported countries also use Payoneer to verify PayPal account using their U.S payment service.

Payoneer account can be used to receive payments from affiliate programs and online stores. It’s a convenient way of getting paid online.

An actual physical debit MasterCard will be sent to your home address for free, and you can make use of the card after activation to buy products online from different vendors, offline stores and withdraw at local ATM machine in local currency.

Getting a free Payoneer MasterCard Debit Card in Nigeria is stress-free. You just need to enroll in a Payoneer account and once it is fully approved, your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard will be shipped to your doorstep.

How to Apply For Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria

  • First, visit and create a free account.
  • Fill out your name, address and others, as it is in the ID card you wish to use for verification.
  • Set up a password, Secret Question and Answer and choose your ID type, for instance, driver’s license and provide the details of the information from the ID if required.
  • Verify your shipping address. Enter an alternate shipping address if it is not the same as the address you provided earlier. Review that, it’s the address your Payoneer Bank Card will be shipped to in Nigeria.
  • Once you’re done, click the ORDER Button.

Then, you have to exercise patient for the approval processes to go through. Once approved, you will receive notification via email with the information of your card arrival estimated time.

Next, your Payoneer MasterCard will be shipped to the home address you provided during the application process. Keep in mind that Payoneer does not deliver to any P.O. BOX address in Nigeria.

Delivery of the Payoneer MasterCard to your Nigerian address may take a few weeks/months. Once the estimated time has passed and your card is not delivered to your home address, I would recommend that you simply search for the nearest Post Office branch within your locality, give them your company name and the shipping address you used during registration to assist with your needs.

In addition, once you receive the card, you’ll need to Sign in back to the Payoneer website to activate your Payoneer MasterCard. Once activated, you can begin using it to withdraw your fund at the local ATM machine to local currency or buy stuffs in online/offline stores.

In conclusion, if you need a safe, reliable and widely accepted means of payments and able to carry out your transactions, then Payoneer MasterCard is exactly what I will recommend. If you have any questions, please free to leave your comment below.

Get Free Payoneer MasterCard


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