How to Get International Student Work Permit for Foreign Students in USA

Being accepted into a U.S university is obviously more challenging for a foreign student like you planning to study in America than for a U.S citizen. However, being a foreign (or “international”) student does mean you have a different perspective that schools in the USA are more valuable than the ones in your country.

International students create a significant contribution to US campus life, as well as to college and university revenues. Consequently, USA colleges and universities admit and welcome international students.

Which means that, although, you might want to overcome some obstacles as a way to study in America, international students can be seen as a valuable commodity here.  U.S government needs you and your money to develop the country.

In addition to applying for student education funding from different organizations like UNO,WHO and scholarships, another way many students from Nigeria finance their college and university studies in the USA is always to work their way through school.

Many Americans would not finish their college degrees without working to assist in paying the tuitions. Unfortunately, this choice is not immediately open to foreign students /international students studying in the United States on the student visa.

Note 1: Working On Campus with a Student Visa: No Work Permit Needed for a Foreign Student /International Student

Many U.S universities provide work-study programs to foreign students/international students. These jobs usually entail manning at the school help desk, working with the university library, or maybe even mowing the campus lawns.

Payments from these jobs are generally low, but every dollar can help when it’s time to purchase another textbook or if you intend to buy more foods to cook than eating microwave popcorn every night!

Foreign students / international students are limited to working 20 hours weekly, off or on-campus (although off-campus needs a special international student work permit and is available once after the 1st academic year), so you shouldn’t depend on work-study program to provide you with much money throughout the school year.

During holidays and school vacation, however, a foreign student/international student using the proper paperwork can work unlimited hours on-campus, so you could probably earn a reasonable amount over the summer breaks.

Note 2: If you plan working Off-Campus having a Student Visa: International Student Work Permit is Required.

As an international student / foreign student, finding work off-campus in America isn’t an option at first, but once you have spent at least a year in America you may be eligible to get an international student work permit that allows you to work off-campus, in the area related to your field of study.

After you have studied in the United States for a year, you need to visit the International Students Office at the university or college you’re attending – or the Registrar’s Office – where they can present you with the required forms and explain how to apply for student work permit that will allow you to work off-campus.

Keep in mind that for you to apply for the international student work permit; you will need approval from both your school and also from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

If you are approved for your international student visa, you’ll still be limited to working no more than 20 hours every week while the school is in session, even if you work full-time during holidays or school vacation.

Being able to work off-campus throughout the summers will not only help with money, but also gives you the opportunity to acquire valuable work experience while you’re still a student.

For a specific ways to obtain a visa, see how to get a Student Visa for U.S Universities & Academic Study in the US.



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