How to Get An International Drivers License in Nigeria

If you’re a high level Nigerian traveling outside the country and you want to drive abroad, you would need to get an International Drivers license, also referred to as the International Driving Permit (IDP).

An IDP is a document that enables an individual drive a car in another country. The image on the international drivers license is slightly bigger than a regular international passport; in fact, it is filled with one’s photographs as well as other statistical data.

How to Get International Driving License in Lagos, Nigeria

In the actual sense, before anyone can get a drivers license in Nigeria, you would need to take a driving test for the issuing authority to make sure that you really know how to drive before handing your international license.

Although, you may think it is not necessary to get an international driving license, since you don’t travel outside Nigeria. BUT I bet you this is Nigeria, and like every other local man in the country, it could be beneficial to get an International Driving license that can be readily used abroad.

You can use your international drivers license in countries like U.K (all Europe), U.S.A and Canada. You don’t have to go through the hassles when you get to any of these countries to apply for the country’s driving license.

In Nigeria, the Federal Government Road Safety Corp (FRSC), which has headquarters in all state capitals and branch offices in most cities, is authorized by the Federal Government of Nigeria to issue International Driving Permit.

The best thing about this is that you could get your own International Driving License in Lagos, Nigeria without traveling back to Nigeria if you’re in abroad.

This is called non-appearance issuance. All you need to do is contact any of your relatives or friends back in Nigeria and send them the required documents, before a week or 10 days, your International Driver’s license will be ready and even it can be shipped to your doorsteps.

However, keep in mind that only cash is accepted in Nigeria as a method of payment for the transaction itself and expect you’ll also send additional money to cover police officers fees, since you won’t be required to appear in person.

In addition, remember that you should have your local driving license issued from Nigerian Government ready before you can get your International Driving Permit. This is a requirement that you must have your local driving license before seeking for international drivers license in Nigeria.

Expiration of International Driving License

All international driving licenses expire after three years. You can request your own international Driving license in Lagos, Nigeria that is valid from one year to three years. If you need more than a year driving license, you have to pay more in order to be issued the license that is valid for more than a year.


(1) Valid for 12 months License/a year – USD 39.99

(2) 2 year – USD 54.99

(3) Three year – USD 69.99

Requirements for International Drivers License:

2 Passport sized colored photographs and a scanned copy of your ID with a signature.

Time for Issuance: It takes approximately 2 to 3 business days before the IDP is issued in Nigeria – though it depends on the number of applications received by the office.

Final Word:

Getting an international drivers license (IDP) is highly recommended for everyone in Nigeria. You’re at an advantage to have it even if you are not working overseas. The license can support you in finding a job as a Professional Driver or simply use it for personal convenience like receiving money transfer (Western Union) from abroad.

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