How to Get a Green Card as an International Student

Most a times, international students studying in the USA aren’t considering going back to their country when they complete their studies. If this sounds like you, then read the following ways you can get a green card in the USA without breaking the law of the country.

1. Get Sponsored by an Employer

Submit an application for a job that is able to sponsor international students for a Green Card: Most companies sponsor international students for Green Cards. However, this method might be expensive, so companies are only able to sponsor you when they can show they cannot get an equally qualified American citizen for the job.

Although, it is hard to get a Green Card through job sponsorship, it’s not impossible. In case you have specialized skills in high-demand fields like engineering or medicine, and there aren’t a lot of Americans qualified for the type of work, you will have a higher chance of getting sponsored by an employer.

2. Getting Married to U.S Citizen

Speak with an American citizen you are in a relationship with or engaged about getting married. This is the simplest way to secure a green card.

Even though this method is easy, it can carry a great deal of dangers. You will be asked several questions like how both of you met each other, intimate details of your lives, for those who have any children, if your spouse’s family know who you are etc. The answers given here must be the same from both parties.

The most important thing to note here is to have a real marriage and only marry the U.S. citizen if you really love him/her. Otherwise, you may face grave legal consequences. Always consult a reliable lawyer before completing any immigration papers. You can file the paperwork so your spouse may sponsor you for a Green Card as a family member.

3. Submit an Application for the Diversity Visa Lottery

If you win this lottery you may be issued a U.S. Green Card and should be able to work and live in the United States of America; although this is not the case when you talk about people from Nigeria. Nigerians are no longer allowed to play the Diversity Visa Lottery. However, there is absolutely no guarantee to win. This is just a lottery after all, and your odds of winning may be slim. But it does not harm to give it a trial.

4. Serve the United States Military

Normally, non-US citizens cannot join the US Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force unless you already have a Green Card or a valid work permit. However, you could still join the military by pursuing careers which are high demand in the military, like doctors, nurses, and psychologists.

Before making that move, talk to military recruiters at your university or any location for more resources about the process. If you join the military, you have to hire a lawyer to go through the Green Card application.

The immigration process is complicated and can cause serious consequences if you are seen to be cheating in any way. Therefore, you should work with a lawyer.

Although, lawyers could be expensive, they may be worth every penny it will cost, considering the expense of failure. If you call to ask when you can join the military, you could get a bad response as International student, but don’t give up – keep trying if that is what you want.



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