How to Get Full Free Scholarship For MBA in U.S Universities

As you know that getting free MBA programs in the USA is hard, questions have been rising about the best business schools available in USA University programs.

U.S Universities are considered among the best business schools in the world, and even the online MBA programs are rated to be the best MBA in USA.

In this article, I will be answering the questions I get in the comment section of blog posts. The question was how can I get a full free scholarship for MBA in US Universities? Well, this is possible if you’re a highly desirable MBA applicant. Most business schools would pay for high GMAT scores, regardless of what is advertised publicly.

That’s because “U.S. News & World Report’s MBA ranking include average GMAT scores for an incoming class as a key metric in the methodology”. It’s also because higher GMAT scores have become a symbol of sorts based on how smart your incoming students are, though; the GMAT test could not be seen as a test of intelligence or of likely career success.

How to Get a Full Free Scholarship to Study MBA in U.S Universities

1. Try and get a GMAT score that’s ‘competitive’ enough for the schools you plan to apply for.

I am intentionally not using the phrase ‘high GMAT score‘ (although it does help); as I’ve seen students with low GMAT scores getting scholarships too, and the other way around. A lot is determined by a considerable amount of additional factors.

2. Carry out your research well on best MBA schools and choose only manageable ones where you can be able to submit your very best applications.

Get a combination of Ambitious, Stretch, Practical business schools so that you are spreading out your risk. Typically, the chance of getting scholarships is inversely proportional towards the ranking of the program.

But don’t finalize the list purely on the basis of scholarships. You would not like to get into a school that offers a free ride, but has little market value when you graduate. Maintain a good balance between funding and credibility.

3. Choose a school that Possess a solid, logical and defendable storyline in place

By scenario, what I am saying is pre-MBA accomplishments, why MBA rationale, post-MBA goals and also other aspects that’ll be covered with your MBA application

4. Ensure that you submit impactful essays, and your recommendations / interviews are equally strong

It doesn’t help if you hire/seek someone else to write essays on your behalf. It’s unethical anyway. Don’t try to fool the admission officers. Keep in mind that they’ve been in the admission business than you and have more time than you to find out if the essay is real or not.

But, you could try to get external perspectives from people that know the process and can provide unbiased feedback. Professional assistance is a possibility, but the good consultants may be expensive. Knowledgeable friends/relatives can do that for free.

If you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, you’ll find excellent resources found on sites like GMAT Club, Beat The GMAT, Poets & Quants to help you.

In fact, in order to get yourself a scholarship you need to know where you REALLY stand with regards to the applicants that affect School X. The right place to begin is always the stats – which are the average GMAT, TOEFL, and GPAs of other candidates? And how will you stand in comparison to them? Then you should do the same with an employer, job, school, and anything else in your profile.

Basically, if you’re a high level student that is stronger than the average candidate, there is a possibility of receiving a full scholarship to cover your MBA programs in USA Universities.

And when you have no clue on where you really stand, it’s advisable to always ask the admission’s officer of the school of your choice.

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