How to Get a Canadian Tourist Visa in Nigeria

I have received many questions on how to apply for a Canadian visa in Nigeria. I know that the immigration process to Canada is not easy, and as a result, many Nigerians are frustrated about the Canada Visa requirement for Nigerian citizens.

Canada visa application can be completed online in order for you to migrate to Canada.

A visit to Canada must be planned carefully as citizens of certain countries must produce more than a passport for entry. Some countries, including the United States, Denmark and Spain, do not have such additional requirements, but since Nigeria is not one of those that do, you’ll need to plan far ahead of time of your trip to Canada.

There is relatively a large list of applicable countries that Canada has placed additional entrance requirements. Unfortunately, Nigeria is one of those countries that need a tourist visa in order to visit the country temporarily.

The most effective website to apply for Canada visa will be the Canadian and Immigration Canada page. This phenomenal resource has current information about what citizens from around the world do need to meet the requirements for visiting Canada.

Canada immigration processes are straightforward on their website and if your country is listed, start as soon as possible to gather as much information that you will need. Each country’s visa processing office has slightly different requirements along with what is listed in this article, which is a general overview of the Canada visa application.

Depending on the nature of applicant’s stay in Canada, you’ll need to complete the right Canadian application form. Many of the application form numbers are IMM 5256, IMM 5257 and IMM 5259, all of which are visa applications, though the differences could be the reasons why you’re entering Canada; for  example: sightseeing, business or work. Be sure you pick the right application for your visit to Canada.

All applicants must have a current passport from their applicable country. Also, you will need two (2) more passport photographs that must be attached to your visa application form.

Supporting documents are also important as you’ll need to show how much time you’ll be staying in your itinerary, who you’ll be seeing in the case of your trip to friends or family and if required a verification of employment.

These could be letters from friends asking you to visit or maybe your airplane ticket. If you’ll be working in Canada, have your employer provide a verification of your future position.

There could be additional requirements depending on your country of origin. Some countries require a personal interview at the visa office and may also ask that you undergo a medical examination to prove your health is in good condition.

Expect to meet these requirements for your tourist visa application and prepare yourself in order not to delay your visit to Canada.

Costs for applying for Canadian tourist visas depend on the numbers of entrance; whether you will need a one-time entrance visa or if you intend to visit Canada many times. The Canada Visa Fees in Nigeria run from $75.00 to $150.00 per person respectively. If you’re traveling as a group, every single person in your travel group must pay separately as group fees are not available.

In conclusion, I hope that this general outline should prove useful in planning your next visit to Canada and when you need help getting the required tourist visa. However, make sure to research for specific requirements for your country.

The internet has lots of resources and also the Canadian and Immigration Canada website is kept current for information about visa requirements for Canada.

Do you have any questions about Canada immigration application? Leave your comment below.



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