Full Tuition Scholarships For International Students in Canada

Most Nigerians are looking for scholarship opportunities to study in Canada. You have to understand that study abroad scholarships do not come easily, especially if you’re an international student searching for full tuition scholarships.

Many Universities in Canada have what is known as academic scholarships, but this available to citizens of the country. In addition, schools do have scholarships for masters, but you need to be eligible to receive the free money by applying for the scholarships online.

Online scholarship application is easy to submit; most of them you have to apply on the scholarship websites and be selected to receive the college grants and scholarships.

However, none of the Canadian universities offer full tuition scholarships and grants to international students.

You may be qualified for merit scholarships through TA (teaching assistant for Labs) at some of universities if you score 80% + in secondary school for your country or your TOEFL is in 90% percentile too. Regardless, the most amount that most colleges will off you as a scholarship is around CAD 2000 to 5000.

The University of British Columbia, commonly referred to as UBC, offers a CAD 7,000 scholarships for international students who show extraordinary leadership skills. The UBC is a public research university with campuses and facilities in British Columbia, Canada.

To be qualified for the UBC scholarships, you will be selected by your school counselors for the grant as it is competitive.

Most of the well reputed Canadian universities are public universities and they don’t provide the international students with a lot of money. As most students will ask for scholarships for black women, you might need to rethink again “Why would it be a good idea for Canadian universities to” provide full tuition scholarships to International students.

That’s totally free money to foreign students who will not benefit the country after their graduation. Most great universities in Canada will cost you around CAD 18,000 to CAD 25,000 just for tuition fees.

The University of Waterloo has a decent co-op program, so you may earn some cash during the program that can help you with food and lodging costs. However, keep in mind that the co-op program takes approximately 5 years to complete, so, you will be paying an extra CAD 18,000 to CAD 25,000 for educational cost.

If you are searching for less expensive schools, consider going to Europe. Most Universities in Germany don’t demand that you pay a tuition fee. The medium of languages taught in most German universities is German. But, there are a few schools that teach in English: You can study Mechanical Engineering in schools like KIT – Homepage of the school is translated in English (they charge you USD 7,500 for every semester (there are two semesters for per year), you can also study courses like Business Administration at the Berlin Campus – ESCP Europe for USD 13,000 every year.

You will have to pay for your accommodation during the program and the school will charge you some money for the facilities like dormitory they offer (The amount is not much). France is another option for international students that want to study abroad; that you might need to explore.

Although, universities in France aren’t free, they do not charge a lot of money for their international students. At the same time, living in major French cities like Paris is expensive.

In overall, if you are still searching for quick scholarships, scholarships for study abroad and full tuition scholarships for international students in Canada; check out the recommended post below. You can also leave a comment below if you have any questions.



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