Free Tuition Universities For International Students in Europe

If you’re a Nigerian, you probably would have heard about tuition free universities for international students?

Well, I am for real, you have countries offering free education to international students and Sweden are considered one of the cheap universities you can see out there in Europe.

Free tuition universities for international students have been so rampant in various areas of the Europe, especially the Western and Northern Europe.

One of the case studies in this article is that Sweden is known as a well-balanced country in terms of economy located in Western Europe. Most universities in Sweden used to be free tuition universities.

Moreover, the Swedish Government has been granting free education to international students since 2001. They have been in forefront of granting free education to international students and along with others.

Some people have gained so much from this – studying now in the best European tuition free universities for free.

Not simply restricted to a tuition free universities, but the European universities as a whole. Today, a lot of students moving to the country (Sweden) are foreign students. Most Nigerians are those searching for Universities to study in Europe for free, and tuition free masters programs for international students.

A good thing about Sweden is that they allow foreign students to work. They didn’t ignore the fact that many people applying to study free in their country are not financially strong to fund their studies in other top ranking universities.

Even for majority to study in their home countries has been difficult for many of these international students.

A Nigerian student once was interviewed in Sweden and the husband concluded in proclaiming that he was the luckiest person that’s enjoying free scholarship for international students in an economically balanced country.

He studies in Malmo, which is a tuition free school in Sweden and works within the same city as well.

However, keep in mind that Universities admissions in these free tuition schools have deadlines. Each program application deadline differs from the deadlines of forwarding documents. So, if you have been thinking about tuition free universities in Europe, it could be time to start your application now.

As Sweden stops granting free education to international students with effect from autumn semester 2011, other European countries still offer same free tuition to international students. – Now only “Finland, Norway, Iceland and Germany do not collect tuition fees” from international students.

These free tuition universities are under the control and influence of the Government. The Federal Government can alter their policy anytime and begin charging tuition to international students much like that of Sweden.

Whenever they do, they don’t owe you any explanation because it’s their Government. After all, Sweden has been funding free tuition to international students for years now. Currently, below are Free Tuition Universities for International Students.


  • The University of Oslo
  • University of Bergen
  • University of Stavanger
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
  • University of Agder (UiA) and the
  • University of Nordland

In Norway, University study is available free to all undergraduate students, regardless of your level of study programs or nationality. At masters and PhD level, however, English language programs are far more common and free tuition still applies.

Norway is the only we have found that provide FULL tuition free to international students. You have other countries that offer partial free tuition fees to international students if you’re with the EU/EEA.




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