How to Find Financial Aid For International Students in America

As an international student who wants to study abroad, it is always important to be able to pay for the tuition fees for the program. But, if that is not the case, finding financial aid for international students would be your next options.

Looking on the internet for any type of educational funding available for international students will not produce the results that most other searches do. Often, many students might think it does, only to read a specific college’s mission statement on financial aid for international students and finds out that it must be completely valueless.

However, there’s some hope available for international students who want to study abroad and unable to pay the school fees for a college or university in the USA.

From what it looks like, students from the United States of America who wish to study abroad in either country – for a semester or two, or for the entire length of their college degree program – fare far, much better than international students who wish to study in America.

The reason is that students from the United States – or eligible non-citizens and permanent residents – have their choice of types of financial aid packages for studying abroad. They’re able to receive Study Abroad Loans, which can be sufficient money to cover the program if they wish to spend a semester or two abroad.

They can also receive study abroad Loans, which is intended for students that pursue a college degree in another country, as long as the college or university they choose is an approved one.

Also, American students wishing to study abroad can depend on Stafford Loans (seen as non-citizens who meet the eligibility requirements) – again, only if that the university they choose is an approved institution.

Depending on the international financial aid offered in an individual international student’s country, she or he may be doomed. However, there are a number of corporations and programs that offer financial aid for international students, such as Sallie Mae and, but for the most part, the pickings are rather slim.

In most cases, international students need to be eligible for a visa. Most schools in America would not have the available resources for financial aid for international students.

However, some banks and other third-party companies in the US also make available ways of providing help to international students. For most, if not all of them, the international student needs to have someone in the United States of America – who is a valid citizen or have a green card that will act as a cosigner for the loans.

Likewise, international students are not considered eligible to fill out an application and submit FAFSA forms because they’re not the United States of America citizens. However, with guidance from your appropriate sources, there might be ways around it.

In overall, the one good thing is the need for students inside and outside America to study abroad continues to grow every year. As the approval to study abroad increases, the situation of financial aid for international students will increase with it, opening up a number of opportunities for international students who wish to study in America.

Although, what the U.S has now does not help much, but until that finally comes to pass, you can find online opportunities offering scholarships to international students, and also a number of private and third-party loans, as long as the international student under consideration has someone in the United States ready to cosign a loan.

Financial Aid For International Students

Finally, I was able to find one of the leaders  making an effort to provide financial aid for international students and that is the Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC), which comprises of 38,166 students in six campuses (Woodbridge, Annandale, Manassas, Loudoun, Springfield, Alexandria) and three learning centers (Arlington, Reston, ELI). From 1/4 to a 2/3 of the students come from other countries.

NVCC is popular with a lot of international students who would like to live in Northern Virginia and other areas in the Washington, D. C metropolitan.

Tuition and fees for international students at NVCC are stiff, however, around $8,700 annually. These students also have living expenses unless they can live with relatives within the Northern Virginia area. Living expenses for a nine-month academic year; typically vary from $5,400 to $7,000.

There are no dormitories at NVCC; so students must share apartments or live in the available rooming houses around the school. To help the students, NVCC administers the Goodwill Scholarship Program, which provides students with grants up to $1,000 annually. The scholarships are funded by donations from families living in the Woodbridge area and from local radio personality Chris Core.

For more scholarship information, call 703-33-3023.

These available resources do not meet the overall need for financial aid for international students, and other private parties are encouraged to make donations directly to the NVCC Foundation, 4001 Wakefield Chapel Road, Annandale, VA 22003.

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