Facebook to Launch Standalone Breaking News App Next Week

Facebook’s most recent project, a breaking news app called Notify, could be in your hands as soon as possible by next week. Notify is near to launch and even has a list of partners lined up to publish news stories straight to its users on Facebook and smartphones, as published in a report from the Business Insider.

A few news outlets have been reported for as partners for Facebook’s news app, such as the companies like Vogue, The Washington Post, CNN and Mashable.

When launched, Notify would allow users to choose the news sources of their choice and get alerts for breaking stories, like how Facebook tells you that your cousin preferred a photo you posted from a week ago’s Halloween party, How Bill Clinton slept with Monica Lewinsky, and many more.



While Notify is set to be a standalone application, it’s not clear how it will affect news outlets that already post stories on Facebook. The requirement for a news publisher to join the positions of Notify, especially when they already operate news apps of their own, are also unknown, but we will see how it plays out.

The consideration of in-app news has appeared to be the next stride for social media organizations to establish a steady online presence, as seen with Twitter’s late Moments feeds and Snapchat’s Discover feature, even though these features don’t require an additional app to run.

Notify will bring the real news. So think about Facebook’s Notify as an approach to push users away from competing app with comparative features, similar to Twitter with Moments and Snapchat’s Discover, and toward one of its own products.

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