Facebook Blocks Path’s “Find Friends” Access Due to Spam Controversy

Earlier last month, the tech website called theverge reported that users had been grumbling about a certain feature from the application Path: specifically, that its default behavior was to consequently send instant messages out to people a user may know when they initially joined the Path application.

The Path application has now received updates that support the ability to find Facebook friends in general, and TechCrunch reports that it’s because of Facebook limiting Path’s access to its API. Users can even now share any things they post to Facebook, but any friends’ interconnected to each other action is nowhere to be found after the update.

However, the spamming demeanor first became effective with a March 6th upgrade to the application. It picked up traction when a digital marketer named Stephen Kenwright signed up with the application, and found that various people from his contacts got a Path content alerts at an early hour of the following morning — even though he had erased  the app on his own device.  In that case, some of the writings showed up as Robocalls because of the way local telephone companies managed instant messages sent to landlines.

It’s not the first time through Facebook has pulled this act on the friends finding API for the application. Similar situations happened to MessageMe a year ago, and everything from Vine to Voxer has experienced similar issues. As it stands right now, the Path application permits users to find friends through three unique means: their gadget’s contacts, through Twitter, or by means of their Gmail account.

It’s required to note that during the sign-up procedure, finding friends through one’s contacts still defaults to the “send to all” conduct, and users will need to be careful when signing up with Path to avoid sending alerts if that is not they have  in mind. Finding out users through Twitter does not default to this behavior — however, Path will send a Twitter direct message to any user you decide to invite

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