Etisalat Cheat: How to Get Free Browsing on Etisalat Nigeria

I have written an article on MTN browsing cheat and free browsing cheat on Airtel. In case you have not read the articles, click here. It has been quite some time we talk about free browsing cheat in Nigeria, but in this article I will be writing about how to setup etisalat free browsing and internet cheats on your own smartphones and computers.

I will  be providing details on how you can browse free on the Etisalat network with free browsing cheat codes, free internet cheats. That is to say, you will  get almost free internet service for ISP that will enable you do free browsing on Etisalat.

However, no internet user will probably be overlooked, because this free browsing cheat can work on any device, starting from Java to Symbian, iOS, Androids and also windows users should be able to enjoy this latest free browsing cheat.

So,let’s getting started with the etisalat free browsing

Latest Etisalat Free Browsing Cheats for 2016

Etisalat Psiphon cheat has been trending lately,  and  the configuration and operation of this cheat do change as time passes, so, you’re advised to always check back with any update to this content, so that you will know once there is any changes made on this latest browsing cheats.

The current etisalat Psiphon cheat is working perfectly on all Android devices, and surfing the net is fast with it. All that you should do is download the Psiphone Pro Lite app, launch the app and proceed with all the below configurations as stated on the screen shot (click).

Airtel Image

These etisalat cheat works best for etisalat users on social me,that is N500 for the monthly plan with unlimited internet browsing. if you’d like this Etisalat cheat and want to do business with it free, all that you should do is change proxy server from to, and the cheat will work fine.

Keep in mind that Etisalat is currently blazing on Android devices via Psiphone… NO IP and  Port needed, just a few moment of your time for the configuration and you’ll be all set to enjoy free browsing.

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