Education in Nigeria: Why the Country Need Education

Most of you would have been asking about the history of education in Nigeria and if the country really needs education in order to survive. As you should know, there are many problems of education in Nigeria, and even the Western education practice is not fully welcomed by the minister of education in Nigeria.  The education system in Nigeria is poorly managed and this is why I have compiled the importance of education in Nigeria in this article.

Education is similar to food and shelter. It can be considered basic to one’s life. While foods serves as the shelter of the body, education is made to work with the mind. Considering the philosophy of education in Nigeria, the country has been lacking a national policy on education and failed to understand that  education enhances one’s knowledge and as the saying goes “Knowledge is Power”.

However, the power that a person possess is going to be determined on how the person uses it. One could ultimately choose to use the knowledge and power for the benefits of themselves, for some people in order to be simply employed in the destruction of mankind.

Education may be the knowledge of putting one’s potentials to maximum use. Education makes a man a right thinker. It tells man the way to think and ways to make a decision.

The country lacks the goals of education in Nigeria, and ways the education should be given importance. As education is designed for individual development, such development should eventually transform into social development. For those and nations, it is a key to creating, applying, and spreading knowledge-and therefore to the development of dynamic, globally competitive economies in Nigeria.

Even though the current minister of education in Nigeria don’t know the benefits of education in the country. Either it is vocational education, educational technology, traditional education or physical education – It can be one important policy which a state must promote, as education could be the only means to understand its history, culture and to some extent their religion.

Education will be the only ways to unite a country, the people as a nation. This really is to say that education is important in case a nation aspires to achieve development and growth and more importantly sustain it.

The value of education cannot be neglected by the country, Nigeria. As well as in today’s world, the part to train has grown to be more vital. It’s an absolute necessity for economic and social growth and development of any nation. Definitely, the citizens of Nigeria should stop asking “what is education” in the country and work with the ministry of education embrace the system and policies should be put in a place.

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