Ebay USA: How to Shop from Outside the United States

A lot of international buyers invest time shopping on eBay’s United States site because of the breadth and profundity of the products offered on eBay USA.

Also, because the prices on eBay USA can in some point be much lower for certain types of products like electronics or EBay Motors.

In the meantime, most international buyers have had the disappointing experience winning eBay USA auctions just to be told by the sellers in question, that they won’t ship to you and plan to relist the item.

Make Your Ebay Purchase Possible

If the explanation above sounds like you, and you’d like to build your success rate when shopping on the eBay USA site,  below are a few things you can do to improve your ability to shop on eBay USA. from outside the United States.

Contact the seller before you bid or buy. Unless the listing mainly states that the seller ships internationally or to your country, make sure to contact the seller by clicking on the “Ask a question” link in the “seller info” box on the item listed. In fact, offering from outside the U.S. on a listing that doesn’t offer international shipping is against eBay rules.

Many sellers basically agree when asked, in any case, and will be more than willing to ship to your country if you ask before bidding. When you do reach to the seller, consider including some or all other items you need from the seller in your message.

Get a PayPal account if you don’t have one. In the event that PayPal works in your country, for instance, Nigeria (which it is now), get a PayPal account. If you can’t open a PayPal account in Nigeria, find somebody who will accept payment from you in exchange for giving you a chance to make use of their PayPal account in the US to buy items from EBay USA.

Not many sellers will work with international buyers, especially people from Nigeria using any other means of payment other than PayPal.

Offer more money to the EBay USA seller, but be careful how you do this to avoid being seen as a scammer. You can do this, if the seller hasn’t provided a shipping cost for international buyers, they may be wary about having to spend extra money to get the items to you.

Offer to PayPal the seller extra money for shipping, maybe much more than the real fixed cost included if you truly need the product so bad. Consider it an approach to balance the seller’s extra shipping costs and as a sort of tip for the seller’s extra trouble too.

Relieve the seller out of responsibility. Many sellers are distressed over the reliability of international shipping and the issues that can emerge, so if you trust the seller you’re about to buy from on EBay USA site, let them know that you won’t hold them responsible if anything turns out badly during shipment.

Let them know that you’ll leave positive feedback for them before getting the items and that you don’t expect them to ship until you’re able to leave such input, as an indication of good confidence.

Provide information about reliable shippers. For some sellers, not knowing how to get the items to you is also a problem. If there is a preferred international seller for Nigeria with offices in the United States, tell the seller what it is and mention that you are respected, reliable, and valued and strongly that shippers have shipped to Nigeria.

Use an app like Google Maps to search for the office that belongs to the shipper you’re buying from or close to the seller’s city, given by the item location provided in the seller’s profile of the listing and provide this info to the seller on EBay USA.

Use a relative in the USA. If the seller did not buy your idea/ plans like these, but you have a friend, relative, or close professional contact in the U.S., request to the seller to whether they’ll ship the item to your contact after you buy, who can then ship it to you, or consider having your contact bid and win on your behalf, then ship the item to you once it is delivered to them from the seller.

Utilize a reshipper or services group. A few companies do reship professionally as a supporter of international buyers. Shop Airlines, Ltd., for instance, offers such a service for Japanese buyers. Check your local eBay USA services companies of many types and contact them asking whether they offer such a service.

Anyhow, if the ideal shipper for your Nigeria is a small national company that you don’t trust, ask the shipper, whether they offer such services out of their U.S. offices; many such small shippers also offer eBay buying and reshipping from inside of the U.S. as an additional service.

In summary, try not to Force the Issue

In the event that you don’t have a contact in the U.S., you can’t find a buyer/reshipper assistance, or you’ve reached out to the sellers and they refuse to ship to international buyers as an issue of the policy, don’t try bidding or buying. You’ll just complicate the issue and at the same aggravate the seller and yourself, without actually getting the item you want to buy from the EBay USA website.

Invest your time finding the deals that are available in your local area of EBay USA and give your business to those sellers that are prepared to ship the item to international buyers like you.

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