DSTV Nigeria: Decoders Channels Bouquet HD PVR Subscribe Multichoice Prices

DSTV is one of the largest Satellite, Cable TV service providers in Nigeria, and across Africa. The Service is offered by Multichoice which services users all through Africa. They offer one of the least expensive TV membership bundles and exceedingly inventive services in the nation. These include mobile TV services, HD PVR decoders and HD channels.

Those that love Sports also get the chance to enjoy the additional benefits in a bundle called DSTV Compact Plus. In this article, you will find reviews about the Mobile bundles, how to subscribe to the packages in Nigeria, SD channels and information on how to subscribe to DSTV dealers in Nigeria.

Presently, DSTV is the most affordable TV subscription bundle in Nigeria, even though it offers the least number of channels. The number of channels in every bundle increases as you move up to another package from DSTV Family to DSTV Compact Plus bouquet. Also, you will have the biggest number of channels available to choose from in the Premium bundle. The most expensive package is the DSTV Compact Plus, which goes for N11, 500 per month.

HD channels that are currently available in DSTV services include SuperSport HD 1, SuperSport HD 2, SuperSport HD 3, MNET HD, MMET Movies 1 HD, iConcert HD, and Discovery HD Showcase. HD offers fresh and clear pictures as well as crystal clear sound.

The English Premier League is also available on DSTV Nigeria. In this way, you can watch the entire EPL 380 matches live if you have the DSTV Access bundle. To be able to view the SuperSort channels that broadcast the Premier League in Nigeria, SSNi3 and SSNi7, you need to subscribe for the DSTV premium bundle, which goes for N11, 000 per month.

DSTV also has a less expensive subscriptions for sport lovers in Nigeria. The new Compact Plus bundle, which shows 90% English Premier League matches, sports choices, and also all channels available in the DSTV Compact bunch. Compact Plus goes for N7, 500 per month.

DSTV Packages: Starting Access:

The starting access of DSTV packages goes from N20, 000 to N45, 000. The starting price covers the installation charges, satellite dish, decoder and cables.  In this type of DSTV package, you are also provided with 3 months subscription access to the list of channels available in the bundle. You can also make your payment online through easy self-service or quickteller Nigeria.

DSTV Access N1, 500 monthly:

DSTV Access is the least expensive bundle from Multichoice. DSTV Access is like an entry level-to-home DTH pay TV services for people in Nigeria and across Africa countries to have access to satellite pay TV. To achieve this, Multichoice is offering the Access package at a low cost of N1, 500 per month, making it one of the least expensive direct to home pay TV services in Nigeria. DSTV Access has more than 45 digital TV channels.

DSTV access is a selection-based bundle on the subscription packages and it does not give you HD channels. It is sold for around N24, 900. There are also Audio services in this bundle. This bundle comes with channels like Al Jazeera, Super Sport BLITZ, E Entertainment, Magic World, Mindset Learn, Africa Magic, SilverBird, AIT, Channels and some more.

In addition, DSTV Access do not offer channels like BBC, CNN and MNET, but you can subscribe for the special packages like the DSTV bouquet to have these channels.

Some of the most popular channels available in the DSTV Access include:

  • Africa Magic World
  • Africa Magic Hausa
  • Africa Magic Yoruba
  • E Entertainment
  • Fashion TV
  • EuroSport News
  • Al-Jazeera
  • Euro News
  • CNBC Africa
  • AIT
  • NTA International
  • National Geographic Wild
  • Sound City
  • TBN
  • Channels TV
  • ESPN Classic

DSTV Family N3, 000 per month:

DSTV Family is the most popular bundle in DSTV package, offering an unlimited selection of channels at an affordable price. It gives you access to all DSTV Access channels and a great deal more. Additional channels in the DSTV Family bundle include Cartoon Network, CNN, Channel O, ESPN Classic, Euro News, Mnet Series, Africa Magic and many more. Over more than 55 channels are offered in this bundle.

DSTV Family also has 24 DSTV Audio services, which are combined with this bundle. Examples of these channels include Voice of America (VOA), BBC (3 channels), Ray power FM, RAI radio, music channels, and Star FM. The price of the DSTV Family bundle is about N24, 900. At this rate, you will receive a dish, standard decoder, and three months free subscription. Unlike the Access bundle, DSTV Family does not offer HD channels.

DSTV Compact 5,000 Naira per Month:

DSTV Compact offers all the Family and the Access package channels. The channels added in this bundle include the Africa Magic Plus, SuperSport 10, MNET Action, Sony Entertainment, ESPN Sports, BBC World, RAI global, and other different channels that can be added with additional fees.

DSTV Compact comes with 60 channels and also 24 DSTV Audio services. It is a good deal to go with if you need more movies channels than DSTV Family bouquet. Still, HD channels are not available on DSTV Compact.

DSTV Compact Plus N7, 500 Per Month:

On this bundle, you will be offered with all the channels in the DSTV Compact bundle with two extra Sports channels—Super Sports 7 and 10. Users that love watching sports will have more access to premium sports channels without having to pay additional fees as it is offered in a DSTV Premium bundle.

You will also have the ability to watch nearly 90% English Premier League matches and other live sport actions, such as, Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, golf, sports, French League, Motorsport, boxing and other.

In reality, you should be better-off with DSTV Compact Plus, if your intention to pay for Premium bouquet subscription is to watch sports. Regardless, 100% of the EPL fixtures are available on the Premium bundle, but the HD channels also are not available in this DSTV package.

DSTV Premium at N11, 000 Per Month:

The DSTV Premium bundle is the best among other packages which offers all available SD/HD video, SD/HD channels. The DSTV Premium bundle offers access to more than 85 exciting TV channels, the last time we checked.

If watching HD channels are more of interest to you, you should switch to the elite channels available on DSTV Premium. Switching to this bundle gives full access to the English Premier League’s 24-hour complete HD crystal video channels and 100% English Premier League fixtures. All that you need is to have a DSTV HD PVR decoder. Your subscription to the Premium bouquet also comes with DSTV Mobile+ for free, provided you have a  Drifta decoder.

In conclusion, keep in mind that under the Multichoice Services Agreements Act, DSTV Nigeria has the rights to change your contract without your consent. But, you can change your mind. If you give DSTV Nigeria providers notice that you will be cancelling the contract at the end of its term, your contract will not be extended.

Before you sign up, make sure you read the fine prints that comes with the subscription before signing the contract. If you have questions or need more information about DSTV Nigeria Services, leave your comment below and we will respond to your comment in a timely manner.

DSTV Nigeria Customer Care:

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Fax 01 270 3256

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