Death of The Wallet? An Exploration of Mobile Payments

A Note From A Sponsor, Mastercard About Mobile Payments

The launch of Apple Pay is a significant milestone for mobile payments, but mobile payments don’t start or stop with Apple Pay. MasterCard has been a pioneer of mobile commerce innovation for years — including the world’s first contactless and mobile payment solutions.

In bringing Apple Pay to consumers, Apple wanted to deliver the highest quality transactions possible. So, who did they turn to? MasterCard, a technology company that has been leading the way around contactless, digital payments and the most secure payment experiences.

In 2005, MasterCard deployed its own use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to turn nearly anything into an instant and secure form of payment, which meant that your smartphone, bracelet, watch or keyfob could replace your wallet.

This year, MasterCard contactless-enabled cards and devices are available for use at approximately 2.5M merchants worldwide, a 108% year-over-year increase. On the consumer side, the number of “unique tappers” worldwide increased 67% year-over-year.

And consumers are spending more through contactless payments; in Q2, total tap spend increased 145% year-over-year, while total tap transactions increased 129% YoY. MasterCard also just announced a contactless-enabled credit card equipped with a fingerprint scanner, to add an extra layer of authentication and security to your transactions.

Watch the video below to learn how MasterCard’s contactless mobile payments work.

Super Easy and Secure – Contactless Mobile Payments Powered by MasterCard.

However, the future of payments is here with contactless payments, powered by MasterCard. Starting October 20th, MasterCard cardholders who have the new Phone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 will be able to use their MasterCard through Apple Pay.

Watch this video above to find out how easy and secure the contactless mobile payment experience is with MasterCard. Download the MasterCard Nearby app to find out where you can tap to pay today from the video below:

 Faster, more secure everyday payments. That’s Priceless.


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