CSCS Nigeria: How to Monitor Your Stock Online

As previously written in this article, the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which has the mandate of Surveillance over the exchange to prevent breaches of business sector rules and to stop and identify illegal manipulations and trading practices. Today, I will be talking about CSCS Nigeria: how to monitor your stock online.

The Central Securities Clearing Service Nigeria Limited (CSCS) was founded in April 1997 with the aim of providing value by offering securities depository, settlement, clearing as well as other services which are driven by very effective workforce and innovative technology. The establishment was created to give the Nigerian stock exchange a world outlook and to further make its investor friendly and more efficient.

The benefits of the CSCS include encouragement of foreign investment, increasing the turnover of the market as well as to reduce operating costs amongst others. CSCS Nigeria Limited further offers an online platform through which people can monitor their stocks. With this platform, it would be easier to know how your stock is doing. The information from the platform would also help you in knowing when to buy, sell or keep your stocks.

Registering with the online monitoring platform could also save you from dubious stock brokers as you would be able to monitor your stock yourself. You can know the exact time your stock broker sold a stock you want them to sell and the exact amount the stock was sold.

How to Register for the CSCS Nigeria Limited Online Monitoring

Firstly, you are expected to go to the bank to pay a particular amount (specific amount not given as it is subject to change) to GTB or UBA account numbers. (Account name: CSCS Ltd, GTB account number – 0002925874, UBA account number – 1006864216). Note that the amount is for a year’s subscription. You would thus have to renew your subscription at the end of 1 year.

Next, you are required to register online using the payment teller after 24 hours.

You register online by visiting the website of the CSCS Nigeria Ltd, locate the portfolio view which is located at the top right corner of the CSCS website and click on Register.

Complete the form that opens and submit when you are done filling it. You should, however note that when you are asked to fill the deposit slip number, you should ignore the zeros at the start of the teller number or alphabet at the beginning or the end of the teller number if there is any. This implies that if your teller number is 0003835 or B3835 or 3835B or B3835B, in all of these cases, your teller number is 3835.

You would also be required to fill your Clearing House Number (CHN) while you are registering. The CHN number is the number that starts with C and ends with two alphabets. For example C383535AB.

At the completion of your registration, an email confirming your successful registration would be sent to your mailbox.

You could contact these numbers below in the event that you have any problem while registering or you want a clarification on any issue you can’t locate on their website: 07025768491, 07025768441, 07025768500, and 07025768452.

Once you are done, you would receive notifications regularly on your e-mail. You can also visit their website, log in and monitor your account from their platform.

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