Complete Guide to Study Abroad in the U.K As an International Student


Thousands of international students study in England every year, making studying in the United Kingdom the 2nd choice for international students in the world, the second to United States of America. For students worldwide that would like an English-language education, what a better place to study than the country that invented the language?

With an excellent higher-education system and a huge selection of world-class universities, the U.K promises a refreshing experience for international students. Our Study UK resource is intended to help you learn more about studying in U.K as an international student, and includes sections on choosing the U.K as a destination, choosing a location in the UK, learning more about the country, and adapting to life in the country after graduation.

Why study in UK?

The United Kingdom possesses an authority in providing education and a status of dominance in the world of learning. Its research and quality driven institutions are unmatched in a variety of subjects including Engineering, Law, Economics and Business.

The knowledge base of UK University Departments, Research Centers and Faculty is of superior quality that must be tapped into by those aspiring to be future leaders.

The United Kingdom has allocated sufficient resources and investment to institute the education powerhouse it is today. With some of the most ancient and prestigious universities in the UK, the education establishment has always attracted the brightest of students presenting a wonderful networking opportunity to work together in a truly global marketplace.

The diverse range of courses offered by UK Universities has resulted in UK being the 6th highest ranked study destination in the world. Moreover, 4 of the Top 6 Universities in the World are in the UK. Due to these reasons, thousands of students are opting to study abroad in UK.

This eBook guide covers:

– Admission requirements & the application process
– How to apply for a UK student visa
– Easy Steps to Apply for U.K Visa in Nigeria
– Information about tuition fees and living costs
– Scholarships and other funding opportunities
– How to stay and work in the UK after graduation
– Over 45 well researched FREE Scholarships for International Students to study in U.K

–  FREE BONUS: when you purchase the eBook, you will also receive information about over 25 tuition free universities in European countries such as Norway, Sweden and Germany, Australia and in the U.S – Completely free and you can earn your degree in any of these countries FREE.

There’s also information regarding popular UK student cities, top universities, accommodation, healthcare and what to prepare for when you want to study in the U.K. The guide is designed to help all international students considering studying in Britain.

The complete guide comes in 31 PAGES – well researched information you’ll need to complete your studies in the U.K

This guide is free for you to read online once you buy it – Just follow the instructions below to make your payment. You can also make your payments at any of the banks listed below.

Account Name: Emmanuel Udechime
Account Number: 0060158226
Bank Name: Access Bank
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Book Price: (₦) 3, 000. 00 Naira 

Once you make your payment. Send an email to with your name, amount and email address where you want your eBook delivered.

You’ll also be provided a password to unlock the book as a proof of payment before reading.




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