Chelsea’s Manager Mourinho Speaks About Juan Cuadrado’s Future

In the same interview that Mourinho reported that his Grand Falcao Reclamation Project, the Special One also left no doubt in regards to his plans for Juan Cuadrado.

Recent reports from the Express claimed that Cuadrado was close to sealing a loan deal with Inter Milan after making just four Premier League starts since his transfer to west London.

The manager made the statement “Cuadrado is not going anywhere this summer. People don’t know Cuadrado yet, I have seen him many times when we were both in Italy, me at Inter and him at Udinese.” “Because of that I have a lot of hopes for him for next season. I hope in the Copa America, he can regain his self-esteem, his ego and that he has that joy of playing.” -Jose Mourinho; source: Goal

The Grand Cuadrado Reclamation Project should not be as big as the Falcao one (or as personal), but they’re both based on self-esteem and ego and confidence, at least according to Chelsea manager, Mourinho.  In which case, his open quotes will clearly be aimed at helping the pair of them work out whatever issues are keeping them down at the moment. Maybe, one day we’ll even reflect back on Cuadrado’s assist to Falcao in Colombia’s last game as an important moment.

That being said, Mourinho did actually say ‘this summer,’ so if Cuadrado still isn’t performing poorly by January, I will say he risks the chance of being traded or what’s called the “Salah-Schürrle-De Bruyne” treatment and becomes the next topic on the lists to throw away to another club.


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