Charlie Sheen Confirms on Tuesday’s “Today” Show He’s HIV-Positive

Charlie Sheen appeared on Tuesday’s “Today” show to reveal that he’s HIV-positive.

When “Today” anchor Matt Lauer asked who he previously told, Sheen answered, “Enough I trusted to be in the job and also the situation I’m today.” He said that several people have blackmailed him because of their silence and he has paid “Enough to get it in the millions.”

In the two cases by which Sheen admitted he had unprotected sex after his diagnosis, Sheen said we were holding “Beneath the proper my doctor and so they were completely warned ahead of time.”

Sheen, 50, has battled drug abuse and admitted to having sex with prostitutes.

Sheen said “that he was diagnosed with HIV four years ago after experiencing extreme migraine headaches and “sweating the bed.” The actor said he was eventually hospitalized and thought he was suffering from a brain tumor”.

When Lauer asked Sheen if he involved in “Risky behaviors” that generated contracting HIV, Sheen answered, “Negative… you are referring to the needles, everything stuff? Certainly not.”

When asked if he knows how he contracted herpes, Sheen responded, “Sitting here today? Not entirely, no.”

According to business insider, Sheen’s physician, UCLA’s Assistant professor of Clinical medicine Dr. Robert Huizenga, also appeared on “Today.” He quoted saying that Sheen’s HIV has become undetectable in his blood.

He also clarified that Sheen doesn’t have AIDS.

Amid the reports of Sheen’s illness, “Today” sent a release to the media on Monday announcing that Sheen makes “a revealing personal announcement” on the show.

More media sites were quick to confirm with sources that indeed Sheen had planned to express contracting HIV on “Today.”

Given that diagnoses can and does that make many sad and depressed and they do things that aren’t wise or healthy? What do you think?



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