Buying and Selling Portal Coming to Facebook Soon – Next Amazon?

Mark Zuckerberg and his team of engineers appear to be quick to spread Facebook’s capabilities way beyond the actual purpose of the company when it started – social network, from digital assistants to virtual reality – and now it would appear that they have their eyes on the buying and selling portal too.

A large number of Facebook users have spotted another Local Market feature popping up inside the Facebook app, a feature that gives you the ability to purchase and sell merchandise in your local area. There’s been no official news from Facebook and it seems like the Local Market option is in the early phases of testing at this time.

In the long run, it could eventually turn into a completely fledged competitor to eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Craigslist and other similar buying and selling websites- anywhere you can buy and sell stuff with your neighbors. On the other hand, Facebook could ditch it out if the early trials from the giant social network don’t go well.

The Local Market page is clearly based on top of existing local Facebook groups where items are as of now are already bought and sold – so it’s less a totally new feature as a new way for finding new pages, complete with improved online search and organization.

Some of the categories already spotted by the Facebook users include music, property, autos, gardening, DIY, clothes and beauty. Regardless of what you’re after – or what you have to lash – it looks like Local Market coming to Facebook will have you covered.


We should be able to know more if and when Facebook makes the feature official. If that it gets the green light, then it’ll be one of the reasons to keep the Facebook app installed on your phone apart from those silly notices and the photo posts from friends having a good time than you are.

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