How to Apply For an International Internship From Nigeria

Most young people in Nigeria dream of the day when they can take time off from their studies to complete an internship in a foreign land.

International internships are obviously the type of internship you should consider if you’re a student in Nigeria. You have a lot of internship programs online and most of them are paid internships abroad. For many an international internship is the highlight of their career. While it’s great to spend time living and working abroad, there are different internship types that students should be aware of.

Many universities offer tuition-based study abroad internships. Typically, these internships provide the student with academic credit towards their degree or area of study. The major drawback with tuition based internships is that they may be rather expensive. In some cases, however, each student may qualify for financial aid to help you with the tuition costs.

Unpaid, non-academic internships, this is usually for a large number of the international internships. This type of internship can be very useful for those interested in gaining professional experience and increased prospects for a better job.

Sometimes, room and board can be arranged which will help make this type of excursion less expensive. In case your area of study revolves around international development issues, a volunteer position could be the best route out there for you.

Regardless of the type of internship you decide to go with, majority of them would surely ask you to complete a formal internship application. Most of them can be completed online, but be sure to seek advice from the program coordinator to make sure you have the right information.

In some instances, organizations may not have an official application to complete. In a case like this, take some time to draft a thoughtful letter of inquiry and propose another internship you’re interested in.

Generally, in most western countries, the governments offer international internship opportunities. The U.S. State Department, as an example, offers grads and undergrads unpaid internships. Your local or state government may also offer internship opportunities.

The U.S. Peace Corps is another example for those interested in doing grassroots development work overseas. The main drawback about the Peace Corps is that they ask for a two year commitment, but they do cover the majority of the expenses and they’ll even pay you a $6000 “resettlement allowance” when you’ve completed your service.

Organizations like the United Nations or the World Bank offer excellent internship opportunities for the right candidates. In most cases, they are unpaid internships. Private companies are another avenue that really should not be ignored, if you’re set on securing international internships.

Most major companies have offices throughout the world, and it’s rare that they may turn away an individual considering being employed for free.

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