Apple TV: Pre-Orders Are Now Open and Shipping Starts October 30

The new Apple TV is currently open for pre-order, the cost starting at $149. We did an in-depth report of the new the Apple TV here, and concluded that the new system finally has a shot at truly turning into the “center point” of every home that love Apple.

Tim Cook revealed to its customers a week ago that pre-orders for the Apple TV will start today, with the main system and devices anticipated to ship out before the end of the week. Apple also opened up tvOS app submissions a week ago in preparation for the cutting edge TV experience hitting shoppers’ living rooms soon.

Apple has also confirmed that the shipping for the new Apple TV will begin from October 30, and 24 hour delivery will cost $17, or $19 for a delivery of before-noon stipulation. In case you’re in no hurry to receive the new Apple TV, you can choose free delivery during your check-out and will receive the unit from November 2-4.

According to Apple’s September event, the new Apple TV is available in 32-GB and 64-GB options that accompany same features and specs. The new Apple TV system includes Siri voice control with universal search so that the customers can easily find content across all apps installed in the Apple TV without much of a stress.

It likewise includes App Store supports to play games(with its API open for developers for the first time) and use applications like  Netflix, HBO Now, or WatchESPN) directly on a users’ TV, including the support of tvOS apps that are designed specifically for Apple TV.

The new set-top box has an A8 processor, and comes with a unique remote control, with a touch interface that also act as a game playing controller. Of course, users will need an HDMI cable that is sold separately.

Apple TV


Apple will keep on offering its third-era Apple TV with a lessened cost of $69.

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