Apple Considers Earlier Launch for ‘iPhone 7’ in 2016, Source Says

If we are to guess or take a ground we’d have said the iPhone 7 would launch in September 2016, given that the last few models have launched in that same month over the few years Apple have been releasing iPhones.

However, September wasn’t always the launch date, with the initial few iPhone versions launching in June or July, and it’s possible this time that Apple is going to switch things up once more.

A ‘reliable source’ has advised AppleInsider that Apple would like to finish and launch the iPhone 7 sooner than in previous years.

Iphone 7


While the source isn’t named, AppleInsider revealed that they’ve given accurate information about Apple’s iPhone launch dates in the past. There is no doubt that this prediction is correct, AppleInsider reported.

Unfortunately, they don’t get specific about how early a launch we’re talking about. However, earlier than expected is useful for those patiently waiting for the new iPhone, which as rumored will likely be a new look from previous Apple iPhones.

Another launch date and another look aren’t the only things that could be changing one year from now. We could likewise see a third handset added in with the Apple mix in the form of the 4-inch iPhone 7C.

The majority of this is just rumor until the official announcement from Apple, but with the iPad Air 3 also likely arriving one year from now it could be a busy year ahead for Apple.


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