Another 21 People Killed in Nigeria While President Buhari Tour the World

KANO, Nigeria (AP) – A suspected Boko Haram suicide bomber detonated himself during a procession of countless Shiite Muslims on Friday, killing 21 people and injuring dozens, local religious leaders said.

According to Vanguard, Nigeria, “At the conclusion of the Summit on Sunday, President Buhari will leave Malta for Paris, where he will present Nigeria’s statement at the United Nations Climate Change Conference scheduled to open in the French capital on Monday, November 30”.

In addition, many Nigerians are worried about President Buhari’s constant travels when the citizens of the country are killed by Boko haram every day. Recently, the president just came back from Germany and Iran – in 60 days interval

However, the attack occurred throughout the annual Arbaeen procession from Nigeria’s second-largest city, Kano, to the ancient Islamic town of Zaria, said Aliyu Yusuf Kakaki, a spokesman for the Shiite community in Kano.

The leader of Shiites in Kano, Sheikh Muhammadu Mahmud Turi, told reporters on Friday that 21 members of the sect lost their lives from the blast. Earlier, Kakaki said no less than 15 ended up killed and 40 injured.

Another suicide bomber was detained before he could blow himself up and it was being interrogated, Kakaki added.

Police commissioner Muhammadu Katsina confirmed there were a suicide bombing and said he had visited the scene, but may not offer a death toll.

Centered in northeast Nigeria, Boko Haram can be a radical Sunni Muslim group that wants to produce an Islamic caliphate and impose its type of strict Sharia law and it is hostile to prospects following Shiite branch of the religion.

Its 6-year-old uprising has killed 20,000 people and driven 2.3 million from other homes, in accordance with Amnesty International. Kano has suffered multiple attacks which may have killed hundreds in the uprising.

This coming year Boko Haram has expanded attacks into Cameroon, Chad and Niger – all countries contributing troops to a regional force that will wipe out the extremists.

But on Thursday, a Nigerian government spokesman said it would not be easy to eliminate Boko Haram by December – a deadline previously announced by President Muhammadu Buhari and said Nigerians should be expecting suicide bombings to end.

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