Amazon U.S: How To Shop at Amazon Without A U.S Address

Amazon for some time now has been allowing international buyers to place orders at its U.S shop. As previously written, eBay USA did something similar to Amazon and countries like Nigeria have been enjoying the deals available on eBay.

In Amazon U.S, it is possible to purchase all that you need on the site, ship them to the address you have on your Amazon account, without having to search for who has a U.S address. Presently, if you’re not living in the US, you can still buy those items on the Amazon USA website, which is really great as there are always some deals available.

Buying U.S version of products like amazon books/eBooks, Kindle, free music downloads or electronics on the site has different advantages. You first get the authentic version of the products which people from Nigeria may not have the benefits, instead lean toward the junks produced from China.

The items are always top-notch, that is another positive reason if you are buying from Amazon stores. This is not available in a country where Amazon products are sold to those that don’t know the different between fake and original.  However, for some shoppers, if shopping online is not what you’re capable of doing, you might need to take a look at the products offered on Amazon U.S to see if the items are what you prefer, and not offered in Nigeria other than Chinese products.

People from outside the US who try to buy products at Amazon get the warning that orders are not fulfilled by and only available to U.S residents at the store. Luckily, though, there is a method to get around that restriction. Here is the process that you need:

  • A credit card. Visa, MasterCard, and others are fine, regardless of the fact that their billing address is not in the U.S
  • A U.S address. This may sound like an issue at to begin with, but, don’t worry, you don’t really need to stress over it that much. We’ll talk about the reasons later on.

Adding the U.S address to the Amazon Account.

You have various alternatives to get a U.S address. You can utilize a service like Borderlinx which will provide a U.S address for you after you sign-up, or use addresses you find listed on Internet sites (such as hotels). Borderlinx is a trusted company, and the address that gets created when you sign-up can indeed be used as a proxy for products that you buy on the Amazon US.

Since you’re buying original products on Amazon, you don’t need to worry if the company will accept the items, but it is advisable that you choose to purchase different products on Amazon instead of buying one particular product each time you shop online in the Amazon US.

When you have signed up at Borderlinx and confirmed the account, you can add the new ship to address to your Amazon account. You can click on this link directly to add the new address to your Amazon account, or open Your Account in Amazon and click on the Add New Address link under Settings there. Here you need to enter your password again before you are allowed to add the ship to address.

Once you log in, add the Borderlinx address there, but clear the/of the first address line, and the (…) though not the content in the sections in the second.

Click SAVE and add a payment method, and enter your Visa/ master card information to the address.

Purchasing your products on Amazon

When you have added the U.S address to your account and linked a credit card to it, you can start making purchases on Amazon. This works exactly like in different stores and physical products purchased by folks in U.S, just that you can shop on Amazon U.S now directly from your computer while you’re outside the United States and without a U.S address. Give it a try and let us know if it works for you.

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