A Beginner’s Guide to Nigeria Zip Code

There is a lot of confusion about what are Nigeria zip codes and many have been having misconception for the difference between Nigeria zip code list and Nigeria zip codes. I am writing to clear the confusion you’re having in regards to Zip codes/postal codes in Nigeria. If you are among those with the question what is zip code of Nigeria, relax because this article will reveal the answers to the ZIP code problems.

Many have been wondering what ZIP codes really mean when it comes to zip codes in Nigeria. Also, many are thinking that zip codes are the same with postal codes. This is a different case when you talk about postal codes in Nigeria.

Zip codes simply mean Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) codes and it only applies to the USA. Unlike the United States of America, every other countries around the world use postal codes. The United States does not recognize Postal codes as a ZIP code. However, ZIP codes are used for similar reasons as the Postal codes.

The ZIP codes which are basically used in the USA for mailing purposes and it comes in 5 digit numbers, thus essentially considered as postal codes in Nigeria and other different countries.

Zip codes are to United States of America (USA) as Postal codes are in Nigeria and other countries.

Some of my friends think +234 is the Nigeria Zip Codes/postal codes. And if you search in Google, you will find out that Nigerians have been searching for the difference between what is the zip code for Nigeria and postal codes – you’ll realize what Nigeria Zip Codes is truly is.

Nigeria’s Zip Code/Postal code is NOT +234. +234 is the Nigeria dialing code for its states if you’re calling Nigeria from outside the country.

All states and networks in Nigeria can use this same dialing code to receive calls from other countries around the world. For instance +234-8078-***- ***.

The Nigeria Zip Codes/Postal code comprises of 6 numeric digits. The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) divides Nigeria into Nine (9) regions which makes up the first digit of the postcode.

The second and the third digit of the Nigeria Postal codes or Zip codes are combined with the first code. The mix in number digits serves as the dispatch locale for outgoing mail sorting. The last three digits of postal codes are used for easy mail deliveries.

So do you still have questions about the Nigeria zip code or still wondering if the Nigeria postal codes are still in operation? The answer is yes, the Nigerian Postal codes still functioning. It does not matter if there is availability of mail delivery or internet connection, the company is still in business.

Although, other huge carrier like FEDEX, DHL, UPS, and other still cannot make use of the Nigeria Postal Service. This is because NIPOST do not  deliver goods and letters quicker. Even though NIPOST issue out a P.O.BOX addresses which makes them considerably more critical for mail delivery in Nigeria.

Below you’ll find the Lagos Zip code and other states in Nigeria.

Zip codes vs postal codes




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