8 Ways to Make Money Online For Free in Nigeria

There are times when we see ourselves at loose ends in our careers. Sure, we’re able to watch free movies online, take very long walks on the shore, or play games until the kids get back home, but that gets really boring, really fast. But there’s hope, even though effort is tight. We can visit creative solutions to beat the tensions and generate some income, and believe we can do this instead of searching online. There are ways to make money online for free in Nigeria that don’t require any up-front capital. Below, we will explain a sampling of the potential opportunities and a few directions for capitalizing on them and start putting some cash in your pocket.

1. Play with your strengths

Making money online is easier when you are doing things directly related for your source of income or revenue stream.

For instance, an advanced regular blogger and has a website, you can use Google AdSense to make money online. AdSense analyzes your site content, and directs ads for your page that is highly relevant to your followers. The higher followers/readers you have, the greater AdSense will work for you.

2. Perform a Service

There are many businesses out there that require as many people as possible, working online, being successful. These service-oriented companies don’t pay much per item, but if you’re fast and accurate, the pennies equal to dollars and could be a great source of income. Look for opportunities like this described:

3. Online Surveys

Consumer data is a valuable commodity that companies will pay a lot of money to own, and in what way a lot of this information is collected via surveys. The higher the surveys you complete, the more money you will earn. An example is mysurvey

4. Certainly Be a Writer

The online is jam-parked with readers (you’re one now!) The thing that readers need to have is nearly all are writers. You’ll find sites like iwriter concentrating on bidding out writing jobs that range from $.01 to $2.10 or even more. You may start within the $.01 to $.03 range, though the more you write per words providing content to requests, and you are writing well, the more you’ll enjoy the money made from writing online.

5. Put Your Skills Out There.

You could have talents in audio or film editing you may be a wonderful artist maybe your hobby is programming, or making mobile phone applications that men and women love. Where once people visit the temp agencies, they now sign up with websites like Elance and oDesk.

Registration is provided for free, generally easy, and sometimes can be handled simply by logging into websites through Facebook or Twitter. Create an online profile, use a professional photo, and people who need the skill can find your smiling face and awesome skillset when they’re seeking someone with your talents.

6. Become an Affiliate Marketer Online

Like using Google’s AdSense, if you have an internet presence with any type of business, becoming an affiliate marketer can give you a substantial income, if you should do it right.

7. Sign up With a Company which has an Affiliate Program.

Companies like Konga and Jumia Nigeria are example. You can earn a living through these affiliate programs. It is possible to research popular or trending topics with Google Trends, and pick an affiliate market partner based on your current interest, or you can look for a partner based all on your own preferences.

8. Buy/Sell on the Internet

OK, not the full Internet, but buying and selling domains can generate a little extra money. You can register a domain and resale on websites like Sedo and Flippa

Think beyond what you’re capable of achieving online. Many short names have already been long-since taken, think about a couple of options and how to choose a good domain name: hyphenated names tend to be common since normally the one-word names happen to be assigned also, unique family names have selling potential.

That may not generate the kind of money a multinational corporation might pay for a name, family names are personal enough that individuals might be willing to part away with it by paying $100 to “own” their surname on the web.

Use your head. Above all, use your imagination when researching about online money-making opportunities. No matter your education or experience, you have skills that people want. Visit your Google now, search on some keywords, in order to find your niche!

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