7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name in Nigeria

The same in real life where a strategic plan plays a vital role in the success of a local business, a good domain name is probably the fundamentals to the success of your website. Using a domain name search website before you can complete your domain registration does not guarantee that the domain names you have in mind are great.

You can buy a domain name on Godday, namecheap and other well-known domain hosting websites, but in case you still do not know the features of a good domain name for your website, the followings are six characteristics you may keep in mind when choosing a domain name.

1. Short

Before choosing your domain name, you’ve got to be aware of that shorter is better, because people can easily remember a short domain name of your website. Since those three, four to five-letter.com domains already are gone, the reasonable target would be to choose your own domain name between 5 and 20 characters, or not more than 3 words.

For Instance: Loan.com is a great domain name, StudentLoan.com is a good domain name BestStudentLoan.com is surely an average domain name, hence it’s still usable, but YourBestStudentLoan.com is worthless.

2. Easy to remember

Although, there are many bookmarking features, the majority of internet users don’t use them. If the domain name of your website is to the point, people can easily type your domain name when they wish to search for information on your website. If your domain name is complicated, an opportunity to chase visitors away is extremely high. To have an example: Ghrbx.com can be a short website, yet it’s tough to remember.

3. Very easy to spell

You’ve to make note of that merely one letter misspelling may lead the potential visitors to your competitor’s website. Therefore, you’ve to avoid using strange letters combinations, words with difficult pronunciation, foreign words or anything which will make your potential visitors misspell your domain name of your website. To have an example, people can easily type coffeeshops.com as opposed to coffeeshopz.com.

4. Make use of a.COM extension

There are many logics behind why a.com extension have to be your priority. The primary reason, a.com extension is among the most popular extension around the world, which is what many people type after typing the DOMAIN name. Another factor to consider, it helps to slightly decrease your promotion efforts.

For an example, say your domain name is SouthBeach.com and your competitor’s domain name of a website is SouthBeach.net. Even though your competitor’s website may be a lot better than yours, you should be able to take advantage simply because you have the.com extension.

5. Descriptive

Visitors will come from anywhere (Traffic). The traffic can be from search engines like Google or referrals. However, one component that can drag their attention to check out a website is how descriptive the domain name of your website is. Take for an example, If your website is GamingGuides.com, most likely your visitors can easily guess what your websites are about before visiting your website.

6. Don’t contain numbers or hyphens

Numbers and hyphens are a couple of things you need to avoid when searching for a domain name. People often type a domain address without numbers or hyphens. As an example, if your domain name is Carpet-Cleaning-Limbong.com, probably your potential visitors will type CarpetCleaningLimbong.com and disregard the hyphens.

7. Brandable

Keep in mind that the domain name of your website can be your website’s brand name and your websites identity, it will either make your website stand out from the crowd and turn into an extremely successful business later or will not be noticed at all.

When it comes to choosing a domain name you would like to build a website that stands out in people’s minds. It is your job to research about the best possible domain name using a domain lookup tool like www.instantdomainsearch.com.

In conclusion, choosing a good domain name for your website can be quite challenging nowadays, especially a domain name to suit the seven characteristics mentioned above. However, don’t get discouraged with this, because there are many popular websites online that can only meet 4 or 5 characteristics, so having four or five characteristics is still fine.

These seven characteristics of choosing a good domain name for your website mentioned above are basic considerations that you can use when choosing your own domain name for a website.


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