6 Easy Things to Do to Get a Canadian Tourist Visa in Nigeria

Many Nigerians have been thinking about relocating to Canada since the economy is getting harder every day under the present government.

And before you make the decision of traveling to Canada, you need to understand that traveling is easy with a Canadian tourist visa. People who travel with a tourist visa in Nigeria mean that there are no restrictions in the country.

To make your travel to Canada much easier, learn what you need to do to get your tourist visa in Nigeria.

1. Eligibility: Everyone entering Canada must have a valid passport with a minimum of six months remaining before it expires. You have to be able to prove to the Canada embassy in Nigeria that you can afford your visit, and also have a plan to get back home after your stay and in good health.

Occasionally, the Canadian embassy would want you to provide a doctor’s note, some form of employment verification and invitation letter from a friend or a family member who’s a citizen of Canada.

2. Applying for a Visa: Not everyone who wishes to travel to Canada from Nigeria needs a visa, you should check the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website to determine whether you need a visa.

If you will need a Canadian visa, visiting this website should provide you with the forms, instructions that you will need to get started on the application process. Make sure you read the instructions carefully because they will also help you determine your eligibility.

3. Documents: Along with your passport, you will need two recent photographs that are 2 x 2 inches. You can even get provide a letter of invitation, if someone or a family friend is inviting you.

Keep in mind that the visa packet includes the first application. This form needs to be completed before visiting the local Canadian embassy in Nigeria. You will need to pay the visitor visas (temporary resident visas) fees

4. Denial: Criminal convictions, such as assault, theft, and manslaughter can have your visa request denied. In case you are sick or contagious you could be denied entry. Canadian officials suggest that you check the website often for additional information on who will be denied entry into the country: Canada.

5. Fees: Application fees for Canada visas are not refundable for any reasons. Payment has to be submitted along with the application forms. Payment methods vary in Nigeria, but the recommended method is through the bank. Consult the local Canada embassy in Nigeria for more information.

6. Exemptions: Enhanced passport holders don’t require a visa to travel to Canada. Other exemptions may apply, so make sure you check thoroughly before you apply for your Canadian tourist visa in Nigeria.

Traveling to Canada is a good experience. Anyone from Nigeria who wishes to visit the country for tourism should definitely enjoy it. Be aware of the tips mentioned above and you will have yourself a blast while visiting Canada.

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